Saturday, January 04, 2014

A Review of Religious Hypocrisy in 2013

I reported on 122 new cases of religious hypocrisy in 2013. Most of these crimes and misdeeds were committed by pastors, but a few other religious miscreants made the list. Most of the crimes were sexual in nature with sex crimes against children topping the list.

I've listed the Religion/Sect and number of stories below. Unknown Protestant tops the list. In these cases I could not establish a sect, but I do know that the cases do not involve Catholics. For the most part, they were independent churches that fall into either the small independent church category or they were larger nondenominational community churches.

Baptists top the list as the most frequent offenders, but this may be because I do not report many Catholic cases because they are covered by other sources. In any case, there is something wrong in Baptist land.

Unknown Protestant 52
Baptist 37
Catholic 10
Methodist 6
Christian cult 3
Lutheran 2
Vineyard 2
CoG 2
Muslim 1
Romanian Orthodox Church 1
Presbyterian 1
Mennonite 1
Christian Cult - Quiverfull 1
Apostolic  1
Fraudulent Pastor 1

The crime summary for the year is consistent with previous years. Sexual crimes top the list with child molestation the most common crime. I'll publish the full list via another post. I'm still working on the categories.

Child Molestation 29
Rape 10
Sexual Assault 9
Child Porn 8
Child Molestation and Rape 7
Child abuse 4
Murder 3
Homicide by abuse and Manslaughter 2
Sexting and Child Porn 2
Fraud 2

This is the full list of new cases. If a name is listed twice, that person committed additional crimes.

Abid, Matthew, Child Molestation - January, 2013: Catholic
Aguilar, Geronimo, Child Molestation and Rape - June, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Aguilar, Geronimo, Child Molestation and Rape - October, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Anderle, Zachary, Child Molestation and Cruelty - August, 2013: Vineyard
Barham, Jerry D., Child Porn - March, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Bell, Margaret, Failure to Report Abuse - March, 2013: Baptist
Bertrand, James P. Jr. , Drugs and Car Theft - February, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Brennan, Robert L, Sexual Assault - October, 2013: Catholic
Bristol, Louis Joseph, Child Molestation - March, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Bryant, Michael, Child Molestation - December, 2013: CoG
Burnett, Isaac, Bad Checks and Theft - October, 2013: Baptist
Capranelli, Matthew, Child Molestation and Rape - November, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Carr, Rodney, Infecting People with HIV - October, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Carter, Brandon, Child Molestation and Kidnapping - January, 2013: Baptist
Castro, Jorge Juan, Sexual Assault - September, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Chepke, Cynthia, Robbery - October, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Colon, Nelson Santiago, Child molestation - February, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Coyle, Arthur , Soliciting sex - August, 2013: Catholic
Crossno, Ryan, Child Molestation - January, 2013: Baptist
Cuthbert, Cedric, Child Porn - May, 2013: Methodist
Dalls, Surrett, Child Molestation - April, 2013: Baptist
Davis, Gregg, DUI - March, 2013: Lutheran
Donaghy, James, Child Molestation - July, 2013: Catholic
Downs, Clyde, Drub Possession and Unlawful Firearms - June, 2013: Baptist
Downs, David, Child Molestation - October, 2013: Baptist
Drainville, Patrick Conrad, Accidental shooting - February, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Earls. Joshua, Child Molestation - April, 2013: Baptist
Elijah, Nehemiah, Theft and Fraud - February, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Engle, Charles, Child Molestation - June, 2013: Baptist
Fairley, Edward, Attempted Murder - March, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Ford, Mack, Child Molestation - November, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Forehand, Gregory, Child Molestation and Rape - October, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Fortner, Trevor Jacob, Child Porn - August, 2013: Baptist
Fraser, Malcolm, Rape - December, 2013: Christian cult
Frawley, Morgan, Sexting - November, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Fuhriman, Zachary, Rape - November, 2013: Baptist
Gass. Terru, Family Violence and Drugs - February, 2013: Baptist
Gillum, Scott , Drug Trafficking - November, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Girouex, Brent, Child Molestation and Rape - October, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Gray, Brian, Rape - June, 2013: Baptist
Guerrero, James, Sexual Assault - November, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Hadinger, James Paul, Sexual Abuse - March, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Hall, Jonathan, Sexting and Child Porn - November, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Hogue, Jaysen, Child Molestation - June, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Hooper, Mark, Child Abuse - December, 2013: Baptist
Hudgins, Aaron Kenneth, Child Porn - November, 2013: Baptist
Johnson, Steven Lennard , Sex offender working with Children - November, 2013: Baptist
Jones, Derrik Wayne, Child Abuse - March, 2013: CoG
Jones, Harry Vester, Rape - October, 2013: Baptist
Jung, Donald, Child Molestation and Rape - October, 2013: Baptist
Jung, Donald R., Child Molestation - March, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Kamkung, Kong Soik, Child Molestation - October, 2013: Methodist
Keith, Kenneth A, Murder - October, 2013: Baptist
Kelleher, Cornelius, Child Molestation - October, 2013: Catholic
Kindred, Jacob, Rape - December, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Lawlor, John K, Prostitution - October, 2013: Baptist
Lewis, Andrea, Child Molestation - November, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Liang, Joseph, Child Molestation - August, 2013: Catholic
Lively, Scott, Crimes Against Humanity - August, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Lyte, Samuel, Sexual Assault - March, 2013: Baptist
MacMoran, Thaddeus, Child Molestation and Crimes Against Nature - February, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Marini, Patrick, Attempted Kidnapping - July, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Masteller, Jonathan, Sexual Assault - December, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Mehdi, Shahid, Attempted Rape - May, 2013: Muslim
Miles, Melody, Fraud - October, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Miller, Kenneth, Kidnapping - February, 2013: Mennonite
Mohler, Michael "Mic", Child Molestation - February, 2013: Methodist
Montgomery, Shan, Failure to Register - March, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Morgan, Torrey, Child Molestation and Rape - July, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Muelhauser, Ryan, Criminal Sexual Conduct - June, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Murff, Johnny, Theft - June, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Ntege, Nathan, Fake marriages - February, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Ornelas, Hugo, Sexual Assault - October, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Padilla, Roberto, Domestic Assault - May, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Paulish, William, Indecent Exposure, indecent Assault, Rape - October, 2013: Catholic
Phillips, Chris, Embezzlement - June, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Phillips, Doug, Morals - Infidelity - November, 2013: Christian Cult - Quiverfull
Picanto, Sobrino Valdeci, Sexual Assault - February, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Pitt, Matt, Impersonating a Police Officer - November, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Pop, Ioan, Sexual Assault - November, 2013: Romanian Orthodox Church
Price, Bobby, Child Molestation - November, 2013: Baptist
Pyles, Ronald, Rape of a developmentally disabled woman - January, 2013: Baptist
Quintero, Jeremiah, Child Molestation - November, 2013: Apostolic
Rathburn, Ronald Sr., Child Porn - December, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Reed, Rickey Alan, Aggravated burglary and theft - October, 2013: Methodist
Robertson, Jason, Sexual Assault - October, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Schaible, Catherine, Child Abuse - August, 2013: Christian cult
Schaible, Herbert, Child Abuse - August, 2013: Christian cult
Schirmer, Arhur, Murder - February, 2013: Baptist
Schneider, William, Child Porn - November, 2013: Baptist
Schwartzrock, Derek, Child Porn - April, 2013: Baptist
Shuck, Jay, Threats with a Gun - May, 2013: Methodist
Smith, Danny, Morals - Violation of Community Trust - November, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Smith, David, Child Porn - April, 2013: Lutheran
Smith, Ira, Child Molestation via disabled child - February, 2013: Baptist
Smith, Jonathan H. , Child Molestation - November, 2013: Presbyterian
Spencer, George, Child Molestation - March, 2013: CME
Stubb, Stephen, Rape - September, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Sweeny, Gregory, Sexual Misconduct - March, 2013: Catholic
Tamfuma, Greatness, Rape - February, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Thomas, Timothy, Rape - April, 2013: Methodist
Thompson, Alex E., Child Neglect - November, 2013: Vineyard
Tice, Danny, Morals - Stupidity - June, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Torres, Alvaro Javier Gamez, Serial rape - February, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Vallejos, Pedro Emilio, Child Molestation and Threats - February, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Vandergraph, Bill, Child Molestation - November, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Velez, Eddie, Assault - March, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Wallin, Kevin, Drug Dealing - March, 2013: Catholic
Walsh, Harry, Child Molestation - December, 2013: Catholic
Warren, Robert Eric, Child Molestation - June, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Werneburg, Dustin, Rape - February, 2013: Baptist
Wheeless, Josh, Sexting and Child Porn - November, 2013: Baptist
White, John D, Murder - April, 2013: Unknown Protestant
Willam, Theldon Jr., Child Molestation - February, 2013: Baptist
William, Anthony, Fraud - February, 2013: Fraudulent Pastor
Williams, Carri, Homicide by abuse and Manslaughter - September, 2013: Baptist
Williams, Larry, Homicide by abuse and Manslaughter - September, 2013: Baptist
Willis, Ernest, Rape - August, 2013: Baptist
Wininger, William, Child Molestation - November, 2013: Baptist
Winninger, Bill, Child Molestation - November, 2013: Baptist
Yocum, Walter, Child Molestation - March, 2013: Baptist
Yoon, Samuel, Soliciting sex from underage teen - May, 2013: Baptist

The master list of the Morally Corrupt is up-to-date. If you have additional information or additional cases, please send them to me and I will add them to the list.