Saturday, November 30, 2013

Youth pastor Jonathan Hall admits guilt

Youth pastor Jonathan David Hall pleaded guilty to 45 counts of sexting and possession and emailing child porn, but don't worry; it was all just a sexual fantasy. Of course, it was not a fantasy for his victim. She was 15.

The poor bastard is guilty of being a sexting pervert before widespread use of snapchat.
According to the affidavit, the texts between Hall and the Lexington girl came to light on March 24, when Lexington police took a report from a mother who said she had seen suspicious texts on her daughter's iPhone.
The texts were from a person saved as "Prince Charming" in the daughter's contacts. The contacts also listed Prince Charming as Zachary Blight Carter. Several texts asked the girl whether she was deleting the texts and photos the two were sending each other, the affidavit says.
New rule: Youth pastors shall not have snapchat installed on business or personal phones or tablets, nor shall they ever use the application or have an account.