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Jose Gaspar is fighting the good fight

I appreciate professional journalists like Jose Gaspar. He reports on clergy sexual abuse and deals with the consequences. Hate mail and critical comments are all part of the game.

Judging by some of the comments received on this, you'd think I was the anti-Christ.

"I find you and many who call themselves sometimes Catholics do not take the time to write good positive articles about the Catholic Church," wrote Norma Sacchini.
- via The Bakersfield Californian
Caspar reports on both the good deeds and the dirty. I could not do what I do her on my blog without people like him.

Chronicles of Hypocrisy #13

Today’s post contains a few new cases and headlines from Africa. Enjoy

Pastor Dominique Donders was reassigned as a chaplain after being convicted and later acquitted of the possession of child pornography. He got off on a technicality. The original photos of underage girls were lost and the paper copies were did not have enough fidelity to prove the girls were underage. Donders serves and pervs in Brabant, Netherlands.

VineLife Church in Boulder was accused of a ‘disturbing culture of secrecy’ stemming from a youth pastor’s sex abuse case. In 2013, VineLife youth pastor Jason Roberson was arrested for sexual assault of a child. Robertson pleased guilty and was sentenced to two years in prison. There was fallout from the conviction.

Pastors Walter Roberts, Luke Humbrecht, Robert Young, plus church elders Warren Williams and Edward Bennell were charged with failure to report child abuse, a Class 3 misdemeanor. Humbrecht has already pleaded guilty. There others face trial.

Antigay Minneapolis Roman Catholic archbishop John Nienstedt, faces allegations that he frequented gay bars, cruised for sex and made or carried out threats agains men who rebuffed his advances.

A Michigan priest recalled seeing him in a gay bar in Windsor, Canada, just across the border from Detroit, in the 1980s. Nienstedt was a priest, seminary rector and president, and auxiliary bishop in the Detroit area before moving to Minnesota. Another reported encountering him in a Detroit park known as a gay cruising spot and said Nienstedt asked him for poppers; when Nienstedt “recognized him as a former student, he changed the subject,” the Star Tribune reports.
- via

A raging antigay archbishop is actually gay. Who knew? Apparently, nearly everyone…

A priest-turned-politician stands accused of lying about his resume. Former pastor George Hoehmann claims to have a degree in ecclesiastical history from Notre Dame. In reality, no degree exists. It should not matter though, he’s running for political office.

The Archdiocese of Cebu in the Philippines is investigating pastor Prudence Operiano for allegedly molesting a girl who was part of the St. Raphael Archangel Parish Church. The molestation occurred on Christmas eve. I wonder if it was an offering?

African link dump because… religion in Africa is crazy.

Link to Chronicles of Hypocrisy #12

Sunday, July 19, 2015

No problem to big for the Wicca way

Do I even need to add nutball?

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Chronicles of Hypocrisy #12

Why do pastors fall to the temptation of prostitution?

Rev. David Bendix resigned from St. Paul Lutheran Church in New Ulm, MN. I posted on his case because of his attempt at spinning his solicitation story towards the single mistake trope.

Rev. Paul Jordan was arrested soliciting prostitutes in a Sioux City police sting. Jordan was a pastor at Biblical Restoration Ministries, in Sioux City, IA. Pastor Jordan is an ordained minister who has also been involved with Child Evangelism Fellowship.

Lets not forget pastor John Huffier, he was arrested for soliciting a prostitute back in May.
Of course, pastors fall to other temptations too.

Pastor Xavier Franklin Lewis of the Holy Ghost Praise and Deliverance Ministries, was sentenced to about nine years in prison for his role in a tax fraud scheme. Lewis operated his scam in the Savannah, Ga.

Let’s not forget pastor Corey Butler. He was arrested for possession and distribution of child porn. I wrote about him in On pastors and excuses for child porn.
Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Bishop Gonzalo Galvin Castillo, 64, of the Diocese of Autlan in Mexico. Castillo is alleged to have shielded priests who had abused children.
In 2009, a 24-year-old man identified only as Eric reported to Galvan that Lopez had sexually molested him when Eric was 11. Eric's parents also demanded that Galvan take action to prevent the priest from harming other children, but Galvan reportedly transferred Lopez to another parish. The priest's current whereabouts were not known.
- via The Sun Herald
Pastor Christopher Howarth, mentioned in COH #6, was convicted of sexual offenses against two boys. Sentencing is August 7. Howarth committed his crimes in Uckfield, UK.

In other news…

Where do priests go after being ousted? Former priest Edward Igle became a family therapist. Hard to believe, right?

What price does one pay for prosecuting the church? Boz Tchividjian, former child abuse chief prosecutor, knows, and his article, The spiritual struggle of fighting the church makes for an interesting read. Tchividjian is the 3rd-eldest grandson of Rev. Billy Graham and the brother of disgraced pastor Tullian Tchividjian.
In my professional life, though, the church is often my adversary. In the 26 years I have worked in the field of child protection, I have seen the church repeatedly used as an instrument of abuse. We all know of priests and pastors who have sexually abused children. What we fail to realize is that most sex offenders claim to be religious and often use the church to great advantage. When sexual abuse is found within the church, parishioners often rally around the offender and ostracize the victim.
- via Rhymes with Religion
Jeff Buchheit thinks the Archdiocese of Dubuque dropped the investigation into his sex abuse allegations against Rev. Leo Riley too quickly. The archdiocese cleared Riley five days after an initial interview with Riley. I smell rotten fish. I smell a lawsuit too. Rev. Leo Riley made CoH #10.

A catholic priest named Rev. Mark Beard, denied Mark Ardillo communion at his mother’s funeral. Ardillo is gay and married. The priest may of learned of it in the obituary. God forbid that a grieving man eat a stale communion wafer at a time of intense spiritual need. What a jerk.

Church is supposed to be a safe place, right? Well… not really. One of the main point of these Chronicles of Hypocrisy posts is that bad things happen in holy place. Liberty Bible Church in Chesterton is supposed to be a holy and safe place, yet the alleged rape and molestation of a mentally challenged woman happened there, as did the molestation of two other mentally challenged women. The alleged perpetrator is Thomas Cooperider. He’s not a pastor or in church leadership in any capacity. He’s just a Christian and long-time member of the church.

Link to Chronicles of Hypocrisy #11

Friday, July 17, 2015

On pastors and excuses for child porn

When arrests are made for possession of child porn, a common refrain from those arrested is that the violation was caused by a virus, pop-up ad or malware. It’s an unbelievable excuse, but people use it every day.

Pastor Corey Butler will use the malware defense in his DeKalb County child porn trial. Butler will depend on the technical ineptitude of the jury to escape accountability for his deliberate crimes. To the uninitiated, a malware infestation might seem plausible. If the jury is selected with an slant towards the elderly and ignorant, the jurors might believe that an evil virus help bent on ruining a good man might be plausible. Yikes! I know plenty of people who would buy that story… my mom for example. It’s a scary thought because Butler’s assertion is a lie wrapped in a common misconception.

Butler was accused of possession and distribution of child pornography from a computer in his home. Possession is having child porn stored on a computer. Distribution is sending child porn to another party. What pop-up ad or virus does that? A malicious hacker might accomplish the task, but Butler is a nobody. Why him? Plus, Butler admitted to surfing porn sites,so he has a foot in the door of inappropriate behavior, well, for a pastor at least.

The activity he was arrested for is one where child porn is downloaded and then sent to another party. His pop up and evil interwebs story does not ring true. These types of stories never do. When you add the lies and misdirections that make up his life, he has no credibility. He calls himself a PhD, an apostle and a pastor, yet he surfs porn and has never graduated from an accredited university. I think Pastor Corey Butler is looking at long 30 long years in protective custody. He might want to update his LinkedIn profile.

Rev. David Bendix resigns

Rev. David Bendix resigned his position as pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church in New Ulm after an arrest for prostitution.

"I made a grave error in judgment. I just want everyone to know how very, very sorry I am," he said.
- via

Yes. Hitting a hooker is a grave moral error if one is a pastor. Yes, Bendix should resign because his is not the person that he makes himself out to be. No, it’s not the same thing as being arrested for hurting an innocent person. He had a lapse in judgement and has poor impulse control. Bendix does not belong in one of my post on Hypocrisy. He’s just a normal Joe that happens to be a pastor with a hooker problem. It’s more common than you think.

I am bothered by the Bendix narrative? He resigned because he was caught. Would he have resigned if he had not been caught? He also says that he made a mistake, but if you read closely, he’s really saying that this is his first mistake, his first slip. It fits the narrative he’s trying to build. One in which he clicked an ad on the evil interwebs and ended up in a hotel with a hooker. Does his narrative ring true? I don’t think so and experience tells me that he is working hard on spin to save what’s left of his life.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Chronicles of Hypocrisy #11

In today’s post we have pedophile pastors, child pornographers and a common Baptist thief. There is some much hypocrisy, and so little time.

Pastor Christopher Howarth stands accused to abusing two young boys. There are 19 sexual abuse charges linked to Howarth, who defense is that he is too fat to have abused anyone and has not been sexually active since the mid 90s. Howarth worked for the Church of England at several churches in the Diocese of Chichester, England.

Rev. Richard Kurtz, a Detroit area Jesuit High School priest, was sentenced to 12 years in prison for child pornography. He has a history of abusing children and was placed on 10 years probation at one time for sexual abuse.

Pastor Walter Ballenger III, 59, was charged with third degree sexual conduct for touching a girl in a sexual manner. Additional charges are pending. Ballenger is the pastor at Grace United Methodist Church in Columbia, SC.

Youth pastor Yanhao “Eric” Ren, was arrested after being caught in the backseat of a car with a 13-year-old girl. Ren was booked on suspicion of multiple sexual crimes. The girl was a member of Ren’s youth group. Ren worked at Evangelical Formosan Church of Rowland Heights, Ca.

Youth pastor Diego Rodriguez was arrested for child porn and attempting to having sex with an underage male. He was busted by a copy pretending to be a 15-year-old boy named Justin. Loser. Rodriquez is youth leader at Apostolic Faith Church in Racine, Wi.

Baptist pastor Anthony Miller is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from an elderly cousin. It’s a sad tale. Miller was the pastor at Mt. Sinai Baptist Church in Sanford. Fl.

Bond was denied in the pastor Rudolph Walls sexual misconduct case. See Chronicles of Hypocrisy #1

Former Catholic Church official Monsignor William Lynn of Philadelphia was moved from the prison that Pope Francis will visit in September. Lynn is serving time for protecting pedophile priests.

Link to Chronicles of Hypocrisy #10

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Chronicles of Hypocrisy #10

One of the reasons I track clergy sexual abuse is to make sure these bastards are not forgotten. With Google’s Right to be Forgotten process, my reason faces a challenge. I have no problem with those who are innocent using the tool, but those who are guilty need to be remembered. I am comforted to know that Google is using some common sense.
In France, a priest was convicted for possessing child pornography and was banished from his church. He requested that Google remove all articles reporting his sentence and banishment, but Google did not comply.
- via International Business Times UK
I sometimes get news of a priest or a pastor being cleared of charges or allegations. I post these reports when I find them, like this one. The Archdiocese of Dubuque announced that Rev. Leo Riley was cleared of allegations that he abused an altar boy. The process was an internal review using an independent licensed private investigator. Riley served as associate pastor at Church of the Resurrection in the Diocese of Venice, Florida. Of course, SNAP has another opinion.
Executive director David Clohessy of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests said in a statement that his group doesn't put much faith in church investigations of abuse claims.
- via The Quad-City Times
Rev. Ronald Léger, 77, pleads guilty to three counts of sexual assault and one count of sexual interference. His victims were two males under the age of 16. Léger was the pastor at Holy Family Parish in Winnipeg, Canada.
"I feel really sorry for him and also for all the parishioners​ because Father Ron was an excellent priest," said Jean-Jacques Serceau, who is the director of Holy Family Parish on Archibald Street. "I don't think he can commit something like that."
- via
Well, there are always those who see the truth yet do not believe.
Pastor Dr. Carl Broggi makes my list because he’s a jerk and denied a link to a sexual abuse case that allegedly happened in his church during Sunday school. Joel Iacopelli, 44, was charged with criminal sexual conduct because he allegedly snatched a child from a Sunday school classroom when teacher took the other children to the bathroom. The victim was 11. To quote pastor Carl Broggi.
Community Bible Church senior pastor Dr. Carl Broggi said Monday the Port Royal police report was "totally inaccurate" and said the information was false. He declined further comment.
via - Beaufort
Breaking this down, the Sunday school teach allegedly violated her responsibility to keep the children safe by leaving at least one child alone without adult supervision. And, the Sunday school teacher should never have been allowed to teach alone. Two people should be present at all time. If the allegations are true, I think the victim has a great case here. Community Bible Church is located in Beaufort, NC.

Pastor Frederick Best, who refers to himself as Bishop Best, was charged with felonious restraint. Best is accused of holding his uncle against his will for several months. Best is the pastor at Unveiling Glory in Worshop Ministries in Greenville, North Carolina.
Bishop Best posted a note to Facebook saying his uncle has mental issues and that he did his best given his meager means. His best was locking his uncle in a small room with a boarded up window and a bucket for a toilet. He told the neighbors to ignore the screams as his uncle had Alzheimer’s Disease.
While visiting Best’s church website, I found an odd photo of the pastor. I think he or his webmaster needs to work on photoshop skills.

I can’t unseen this photo. It hurts my eyes.
Link to Tales of Hypocrisy #9

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Chronicles of Hypocrisy #9

The day started with a link to the Burden case, what followed was more hypocrisy.

Baptist music pastor Craig Burden, 28, was arrested and stands accused of voyeurism. The actual charge reads, vicarious sexual gratification involving a victim younger than 14. Burden worked at Calvary Baptist Churchin West Lafayette, Indiana. The church fired him after the charges surface.

This case is a good example of a church erasing its history. The church fired its youth pastor and removed all evidence of his existence from its website as soon as the allegations became public. The church, in a marketing effort, worked to present its best face to the public while hiding its past sins. This may be a good strategy for selling a product, but for a church I would expect love, forgiveness and healing as its focus. Instead, at least outwardly, they cleanse with fire.

I found pastor Robert Lozenge via the pastor Craig Burden case noted about. Lozenge was sentenced to four years in prison for voyeurism in the same community as Burden. Lozenge recorded woman and girls using the toilet in a bathroom at Sunrise Christian Reformed Church in Lafayette, In. I don’t know… perhaps voyeurism is an Indiana thing?

Pastor Alexander Nealy was arrested for cargo theft (video). Nearly worked as a driver from SalSon Logistics and is accused stealing from deliveries meant for department stores.

Nealy is an idiot. He called the local sheriff when somebody stole his ill-gotten gains from his personal storage unit. Nearly is a former cop and also the pastor of Bay City Refuse Worldwide Ministries in Tampa, Fl. You can see him preach his lies here.

Pastor John Aubrey Pinkston was found guilty of molesting two young girls at his church. He was sentenced to serve 10 years in prison. Yikes! What happens to a 78-year-old pedophile pastor in prison? Pinks ton was the unrepentant pastor of the Congregation of God Seventh Day, in Kennesaw, Ga.

And now for a blast from the Toronto’s past thanks to a dedicated reader. In 1994, Presbyterian pastor Patrick Kerr was sentenced to three years in prison for molesting three brothers. My favorite line from the story, “Despite the conviction, members of Kerr’s Hillview Presbyterian Church, offered support.

Link to Chronicles of Hypocrisy #8

Jeri Wright finally sentenced for fraud

I’ve followed this case since it hit the press two years ago. Jeri Lynne Wright, the daughter of President Barack Obama’s former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, was sentenced to two years in prison for money laundering and lying to federal investigators and a grand jury. I kept asking myself, why is this story so important? Why is this story national news? The obvious answer is the link to our president. I’m in it for something else. I’m in it for the stink of Christian hypocrisy.

The story is about religion people running a religious charity while enriching themselves at the public trough. It’s about lying, cheating and stealing. It’s about breaking the basic promise of Christianity. It’s about hypocrisy and its beautiful in a way.

Wright was the last player in this drama to go to trial. The major players were already convicted and in prison. She never really had a chance, even though she denies doing anything wrong. The case was irrefutable. She took money for work that she never did and then lied about it. It really is a simple case and her lies and denials point towards deeper problems.

Her character witnesses were two pastors, her sister and a her daughter. All were shocked that such a good Christian would do such a thing. The defense claimed she has a personality disorder and insists that she lives in a state of denial.

Her crimes started with accepting funds and then came the lies.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Tim Bass said Regina Evans, who was sentenced to five years in prison after she pleaded guilty, was the mastermind of the scheme to siphon more than $900,000 from a $1.25 million state grant intended to fund job training. Ronald Evans Jr. was sentenced to one year and McCoy to six months in prison and six months home confinement for their actions.
- via NBC Chicago

Wright, a minor player in the scheme, accepted funds from We Are Our Brother’s Keeper, a christian charity owned by Regina Evans and her husband Ronald Evans Jr. The funds came from an education grant issued by the Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity and targeted for retraining within the local community. Wright accepted the funds, but she never did any work. In fact, We Are Our Brother’s Keeper was a scam setup to enrich the Christians who ran it, along with “good Christian” Jeri Wright, who took her piece of the action because she could.

Christianity and religion are wrapped around this scam like a cloak meant to obscure a thief. The case is Christian hypocrisy at its finest and I would have never learned of it if not for the link to Write’s infamous father and his link to our President.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Fogle says the FBI has nothing on me

If I’ve learned one thing about following crime stories where the FBI and child pornography are involved, it is that the FBI moves slowly and cautiously. Which is why I think that Team Fogle’s assertion that the FBI found nothing in its search of Jared Fogle’s house is premature. It’s a forensic investigation, therefor, it will take some time; perhaps weeks or even months. Let’s wait to see what happens.

Fogle's legal team tells us there's a very good reason we didn't see the feds marching the ex-Subway spokesman out of his Indiana home this week. They say they're confident the FBI raid turned up nothing that incriminates Fogle.
- via

In cases like this, I hope for the best. In this case, I hope they find no evidence. I hope that Jared Fogle committed no crime and I hope the he is not a creepy pedophile. I’m a skeptic and want to see evidence before I come form an opinion about his guilt or innocence.

In other bad Fogle news, his cameo has been cut from Sharknado 3. I’m personally devastated by the news. Wait… what is Sharknado again?

Jozef Wesolowski’s trail postponed

There was drama and intrigue today in the trail of Jozef Wesolowski, the Pope’s ex-diplomat on trail for child porn and pedophilia, trail was delayed do to illness.

A former papal ambassador accused of sexually abusing minors has been hospitalized in an intensive care unit -- pushing back his trial once set to start Saturday in Vatican City.

Jozef Wesolowski, 66, was under house arrest in Vatican City when he fell sick Friday night and was rushed to a public hospital.
- via CNN
Is it wrong for me to want this man to be well enough to stand trial, be convicted and then live out his possible nine-year prison sentence before he dies the day before he tastes freedom?

Friday, July 10, 2015

Jared Fogle’s creep factor moves up

Jared Fogle said something, that if true, moves him from a five to six on my creep factor scale.

"He said something to me when we were off camera and that really stuck with me. I thought to myself, 'did he really say that to me?'"

According to the woman, Jared would often visit schools in Sarasota County, and allegedly told her numerous times that, "Middle school girls are hot."
- via Sarasota News | and ABC 7

Fogle was not on my radar until his best friend was arrested for creating child porn. I put him at a two then. Finding out that Fogle was allegedly running a porn rental business while in college pushed his rating to a four. Having his house searched by the FBI for links to child porn moved him to a five. Now, with this quote and its verified link to the FBI investigation, he’s sitting at a six. He’ll hit a seven with an arrest.

I’ll publish the full scale soon.

Link to Jared Fogle investigated for child porn.

Chronicles of Hypocrisy #8

I like to do these articles when I’ve collected at least five cases. It started this morning with one case, that of youth pastor Cameron Patterson, the others fell into place quickly.

Rev. Kenneth Chatmon was arrested for trespassing at his own church. His church had dismissed him after they learned of a previous arrested for stealing copper and then questioned his qualifications as a pastor. Chatmon was briefly the pastor at Greater Greenhill Baptist Church No 2, in Marshall, Tx.

HIV positive Pastor George Ferguson pleaded no-contest to lewd behavior in a case linked to the sexual abuse of a mentally challenged minor. The original charges included first degree kidnapping and attempting to transmit the AIDS virus. The reduced charges remove the sexual abuse allegation, which is a travesty. What are thinking? Ferguson is the pastor of Freedom of Praise Ministries in Pahrump, Nevada.

Baptist youth pastor Cameron Patterson, 26, was arrested on two counts of child molestation although one victim claims to have been abused hundreds of times. Peterson allegedly apologized to his victims by email. Peterson worked at Ballwin Baptist Church in Lake St. Louis, Mo. I should also note that Patterson’s case follows the typical youth pastor abuse pattern. A young youth pastor, typically 22 to 28 abuses a young girl or girls, age 13 to 15. The most common scenario is 28 and 14.

Pastor Everett Silver (warning, link to bio and bad music) was indicted embezzlement charges. Silver, who is a true “Renaissance man", is the pastor of Dunimus Outreach Ministries in Rocky Mount, NC.

Executive coordinator of The Potter’s House, Leroy Lowe, was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault of a child by one in a position of trust and sexual exploitation of a child and child enticement. Lowe allegedly abused a 17-year-old girl who was a member of the church. I love this line… the church cut his salary after leaning of abuse allegation. So, the message is that the church will not pay Lowe as much to abuse others? To be fair, they did ban him from the property and eventually fired him. The Potter’s House is located in Denver. Co.

Link to Chronicles of Hypocrisy #7

Sometimes I wake up and think, wtf?

The news this morning is horrifying.

A man killed seven people in New Jersey and Pennsylvania over a seven-week period during shooting rampages in which at least some victims may have been targeted at random, authorities said Thursday.
- via Yahoo News

Seven people were allegedly murdered at random by Todd West of Elizabeth, New Jersey. West bought his ammunition at Walmart, where one can be ammo as easy as buying candy.

Random murder in America is enabled by our gun culture. Here are more examples from the last week.

Carrie Jean Melvin was murdered while walking in Hollywood. Her assailant used a shotgun blast to the back of her head while she walked with her boyfriend near Sunset Boulevard. There are no suspects.

Last week, Kathryn Steinle was murdered at random while walking in on San Francisco’s Pier 14. Her assailant, Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez, allegedly used a rifle stolen from a federal agent. It’s a horrible story, but lets not forget the news crew that was pistol-whipped and robbed while covering the shooting.

In Florida, where anything is possible, two men executed a man and womanwhile their five children slept nearby.

Why do I read the news?