Friday, November 01, 2013

Demand a background check

I do not understand the appeal of small churches, but I guess lots of people like them. Small churches should not escape controls though, otherwise sex offenders can sneak through, like in this case.

Steven Lennard Johnson was volunteering as a youth minister at St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church when authorities found out he was a sex offender and arrested him. He was the dating the pastor's daughter, so no background check was done. He's on his way to back to prison now.

A registered sex offender has been convicted in Winston-Salem of working as a youth minister at a church.

The Winston-Salem Journal reported that 53-year-old Steven Lennard Johnson of Winston-Salem pleaded guilty Monday to working with children and being in a place where children were present.

Prosecutors said Johnson is married to the daughter of the church's pastor, but the pastor said neither he nor his daughter knew about Johnson's criminal background.

Source: Youth Minister Revealed To Be Sex Offender

Church folk… by now you all should know not to trust anyone with your children. Always demand a current background check. If the church refuses, move on down the road to the 2nd Baptist church of your little burg.  I should not tease about the baptist church thing as there are seven within three miles of my house.