Sunday, October 06, 2013

Pastor Cynthia Chepke arrested

Okay… calling Cynthia Chepke a pastor is a bit of a stretch, but she claims to be an ordained minister (hell, I'm an ordained minister), and claims that faith saved her from drug addiction in her past. That is… she claimed faith saved her until her last relapse, but then the misguided grandmother knocked over the local Circle K with a handgun. I see God's hand is this. There is a lesson to learn buried deep in the story. Right?

Before robbing a Farmingdale convenience store in January, Cynthia Chepke relapsed into drug addiction after 15 years of sobriety, she said before getting two and a half years in prison today.

After waiving a jury trial, Chepke, 56, formerly of West Gardiner and now of Augusta, pleaded guilty to one felony robbery charge and one misdemeanor theft charge in Kennebec County Superior Court, waiving her right to a jury trial.

Read the whole sad story here: Farmingdale convenience-store robber sentenced to 30 months by Michael Shepherd

Drug addiction sucks and so does 30 months in prison. May I suggest a religion-free treatment program the next time around? You never know. Perhaps is she builds skills that do not rely on prayer, she might have a better chance at sobriety.