Sunday, October 06, 2013

Pastor Rodney Carr charged with spreading HIV

There are bad people in the world. Some claim the mantle of holiness via title of pastor and then move on to take advantage of others by any means possible. In the case of pastor Rodney Carr, that included allegedly giving his girlfriend HIV. Who does that?

Minister Rodney Carr faces a class C felony, which is a conviction punishable with significant prison time.

Carr is scheduled for trial in December in criminal court from a July 2012 arrest on accusations that he had sex with a girlfriend but did not tell her he was HIV positive. She found out only after they broke up when she tested positive.

According to an affidavit of complaint, Carr tested positive for HIV in 2005. He had knowledge of his status and the exposure law.

Source: Minister charged for spreading HIV by Nick Kenney

Carr was a pastor for The Fellowship of Believers in Christ Church in Memphis, TN. Carr is no longer affiliated with this church, but still claims to be a pastor. 

The victim in this case is a fool by faith. 

We asked the victim if she could have contracted HIV from someone else besides Carr.

She said, “No, I’ve only been with my husband and him.”

The woman said her husband is not HIV positive, so she’s sure the minister she confided in and eventually became romantic with, gave her the virus.

She said, “He’s an ordained minister but if you’re a minister you’re not going to lie about that.”

She added, “You just want to trust them because they are supposedly God’s people.”

Carr is no longer affiliated with the Fellowship of Believers in Christ Church where he was once an assistant minister.

Source:Memphis Minister Charged with Spreading HIV by Stephanie Scurlock

A fool by faith - that that describes it. Assuming a man will be truthful because of his profession is foolish. One should always weight what a person does when determining if they are worthy of trust. Right?

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