Friday, March 15, 2013

Pastor George Spencer arrested

The FBI arrested former associate pastor George Spencer for statutory sodomy, forcible sodomy, thee counts of child molestation, and two counts of sexual misconduct involving a child. Spencer worked at Greater Works CME Church in Kansas. The alleged victim is 13-year-old. 

If the story is true, Spencer is a horrible human being. 

The woman, who was at the church for a Bible study, said that Spencer had wanted to counsel her daughter in his downstairs office earlier that evening about pictures she had posted on Facebook. They returned upstairs later, and mother and daughter went to a relative’s house, where the girl began vomiting.

The girl alleged that Spencer groped her and made her take off her shirt and bra. He put his hands down her pants and sodomized her with his finger, the girl alleged. Spencer also displayed his genitals to the girl, according to the charges.

Source: Former KC Minister is arrested in New Orleans on molestation charges by Mark Morris

And here's the thing… The idiots at Greater Works CME Church hired a convicted sex offender as a pastor with access to children. 

State correctional records show that Spencer served sentences in the Kansas prison system, including Lansing, after convictions in March 1993 for aggravated sexual battery and in April 1999 for taking aggravated indecent liberties with a child.

Who would hire this man? I mean, aw fuck man… they might have well have molested the child themselves. I guess they thought that becoming a Christian in prison washes away your evil. Shame on you Greater Work CME Church. 

The Kansas City Star article goes on to say that Spencer may have tried to kill himself after the crime. I commented to my wife that it is a shame we don't have somebody like Judge Dread to take care of these pedopastors, she wants Dexter.