Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A pastor and his temper

Pastor Roberto Padilla was arrested for beating his wife. Padilla is the pastor at Pentecostal Mission Church in Storm Lake.

Roberto Padilla was arrested in March and charged with Domestic Assault Causing Injury, after allegedly striking his wife several times with his hand and kicking her, according to a police official. Padilla was released on bail a day after his arrest.

Church council officials said they will be meeting with Padilla in Storm Lake to discuss his future. He is currently the church's only pastor, but a council member said that violence is strictly forbidden.

Source: Arrested pastor raises church council concern


  • Why would you meet with a pastor who beat his wife? 
  • Why not just fire him? What is the church doing to help the alleged victim? 
  • Will the meeting be public? 
  • Will church members be able to attend? 
  • Will the results be published?

Transparence helps heal wounds. Just saying.