Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pastor Cedric Cuthbert arrested

Pastor Cedric Eugene Cuthbert of St. James African Methodist Episcopal Church in Sanford, was arrested for watching child porn on his work computer while at work. Cuthbert was allegedly alternating between writing his Easter sermon and watching videos of young girls engaged in graphic sex acts. All this while working the night shift for Disney.


An employee-relations manager at Disney was alerted last month when Cuthbert tried to access several blocked websites from his work computer, the manager told Orange County deputies

Disney's monitoring system takes screen shots of employee computers every three seconds and recorded Cuthbert writing an Easter Sunday church sermon on John chapter 13 verses 1-35 and Psalm 148 while loading pornographic YouTube videos involving teenage girls.

Source: Disney worker watched child porn at work while writing sermon, cops say by Desiree Stennett

I think we can safely assume that Cuthbert is an idiot as well as an alleged pervert. Who surfs porn at big companies these days? Especially not big companies with security systems that capture a copy of your screen every three seconds. Can anyone say, "Big Brother?"