Friday, December 20, 2013

Pastor Jacob Kindred arrested for rape

Pastor Jacob Kindren of One Accord Ministries in Minnesota, was arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct after allegations that he raped two young girls. The rapes allegedly occurred when the girls were as young as six.

The girls, ages 14 and 16, both said the abuse started years earlier and included fondling, oral sex and penetration by Kindred.

When a nurse interviewed them at the Midwest Children's Resource Center, the younger girl said the abuse included molestation and penetration. It happened at a home where Kindred had lived in St. Paul, in a Target parking lot in St. Paul and at Kindred's Maplewood home, she said.

Source: Maplewood pastor charged in rapes of young girls

Kindred used to tell the girls that the “devil was inside them” before allegedly raping them.

Kindren sounds like a jerk too. He runs a one-man ministry, which is always a problem in these cases because of a lack of oversight, plus he acts like he being persecuted. 

When police interviewed Kindred in August he told them that he was a pastor with One Accord Ministries. Kindred denied the allegations.

“He then terminated the interview and stated, ‘And I’m gone,’ ” the complaint said. “He stated, ‘Get your warrants, do what you gotta do, no DNA, none of that.’ He then left the interview stating, ‘You weren’t there, nobody was there!’ ”

Source: Maplewood man, 61, is charged with raping two girls for years by Chao Xiong

Chao Xiong? Who did not emphasis that a pastor raped a child in the headline?