Sunday, December 08, 2013

Pastor Ronald Rathburn Sr. arrested for child porn

East Anchorage pastor Ronald Paul Rathburn Sr., was arrested for the possession and distribution of child pornography. Rathburn is a pastor at Eternal Love Ministry.

The Alaska State Troopers' High Tech Crimes Unit, which is a part of the Alaska Internet Crimes Against Children task force, tracked images of child pornography to Anchorage and then turned the case over to local police, Estes said.
After investigating, Anchorage police allegedly found the illegal images coming from Rathbun's home on Island Drive, Estes said. A search warrant was issued and Rathbun was taken into custody and charged.
Source: Anchorage minister faces child pornography charges by Benjamin S. Brasch

Rathburn has traveled extensively, which included missionary trips to the Philippines and other poor countries. I’m learning that trips to the Philippines for pedophiles is like a visit to Candy Land for a diabetic and should be a red flag for churches. Why do Christians send missionaries to a country that is 82.9% Catholic and 99% religious? I’m betting it’s to poach converts. 

Human trafficking in the Philippines is so bad that is it is considered a crime against humanity. Pastor Ron has visited the Philippines nine times. He’s feeding children. When you do the math, the “ministry” sounds more like an opportunity. 

Christians send missionaries to the Philippines because it is a safe place to operate and the food-for-faith deal they offer is attractive to the poor and starving. Let’s see Eternal Love Ministry operate in Timor-Leste, Malawi, Somolia or the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It’s easy to jump on a jet and land in one to the fastest growing economies in Asia. It’s easy to operate in a country that is friendly. One where Americans are welcome. Yet we send pastors to sow evil. It is cowardice and not our finest hour.