Sunday, October 06, 2013

Never trust a self-proclaimed pastor

Never trust a self-proclaimed pastor. Two recent cases come to mind.

Self-proclaimed Memphis pastor Isaac Burnett tried to buy a 2008 Escalade by writing a check he could not cash. When that would not work, he tried another dealership.
  • TIL: Escalades are the unofficial vehicle of self-proclaimed pastors.
Melody Miles tried to start a bible college, one presumes she is qualified to run the institution. Miles was allegedly a contractor who took money for jobs but did not perform the work. She was arrested during a healing service where she was a guest speaker and was seeking funds from the faithful.
  • TIL: Bible schools are the new "In" scam. Schools draw on a population of home-schooled religious kids who cannot get into a accredited university but want a degree to go with their new job as a pastor.
I can't make this stuff up. It simply happens every day and I capture it here.