Sunday, September 15, 2013

Convictions in the Hana Williams case

I was tempted to use the title "Justice in the Hana Williams case", but a conviction for first-degree manslaughter is not justice. No, in this case, nothing less than dragging the lifeless bodies of Larry and Carri Williams to an unmarked grave is justice. These Christians are scum and deserve the same sadistic death they gave their adoptive daughter.

Adoptive parents of Ethiopian girl who died of hypothermia and starvation in their backyard found GUILTY of manslaughter

A Washington state couple were convicted of manslaughter Monday in the gruesome starvation and hypothermia death of a teenage girl they adopted from Ethiopia.

A jury found Larry Williams, of Sedro-Woolley, guilty of first-degree manslaughter, while his wife, Carri Williams, was found guilty of homicide by abuse as well as manslaughter. The jury also convicted them both of assault and each faces a possible life sentence.

Hana Williams died in May 2011 in the backyard of the couple's home, where she was forced to stay as part of a strict system of child-rearing outlined in a Christian parenting book.

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Sometimes I forget why I write this blog. It's cases like this one that remind me that there are so many bad actors out in the big world. So many in fact, that dealing with the nastiness can be overwhelming. After 10-years of a non-stop stream of Christian hate, I find it painful to continue. But then, I read of a child dying face-down in the mud because some deluded Christian do-gooders think they are doing God's work by rescuing a starving Ethiopian child and then murdering her. It then that I realize that if there were a God, I'd be doing his work by reporting on these crimes. 

There is no justice for Hana Williams. She is dead and nothing we do can ever bring her justice. She is behind justice. Punishment on the other hand… we can mete out punishment. In this case it should come with whips, chains, hooks, belts, pain and misery. If only…