Sunday, December 29, 2013

Convicted pedophile pastor to file an appeal

Assistant pastor Malcolm Fraser violated a young girl in the most horrible way and was convicted for it. His sentence of 20 years in prison was harsh but well deserved. Now Frasher, 41, plans to appeal his conviction with the help of his church. He thinks that the jury should not have heard about his religion, which is odd since that was the whole reason he was in a position to molest his victim. 

But it has now been revealed that Fraser is to appeal against his conviction, claiming there were errors in his trial and that his religious beliefs should not have been disclosed to the jury.

His trial head how Fraser assaulted the girl over a period of more than a year while he and his wife, Julie, were living with her family in Enumclaw, Washington State, eight years ago.

Fraser and his wife had been placed with the family by the Sound Doctrine Church on the orders of its leader, Timothy Williams, to put the girl through a manners “boot camp.”

Source: Scottish preacher convicted of rape begins appeal by Frank Urquhart

The quote shows that Fraser was working in his role as a religious authority in a boot camp aimed at fixing a “disobedient" child. In his capacity as a pastor, he raped the girl. Now he objects to the jury hearing about his faith during the trial. I don’t get it, nor will the judges. 

Reading further into the article we see that the church treated the rape allegations as an attack against the church. Why would they do that? 

Church officials had condemned the allegations against Fraser throughout the court proceedings, claiming they amounted to a “hate crime against an entire church.”

Um… I smell a cult: I’m sure this has something to do with the appeal. Perhaps the jurors heard about how his odd beliefs and practices. The church involved is Sound Doctrine Church. If you visit their website you will see Legal Lynching, The Setup of Malcolm Fraser. Google the church and you will find a few folks complaining about what sounds like a cult. The deeper I dig, the weirder it gets.