Monday, December 30, 2013

An outsider story about visiting a cult compound

I got this in my email this morning: It Happened to Me: I Had Dinner With a Cult (Uh, I think)

So, let me preface this: I’m not completely sold on the “cult” title. This is probably because the word “cult” sparks instantaneous imagery of hooded figures in white robes with bleary drug eyes, and of 50-day standoffs in the desert heat. And I couldn’t possibly have attended a potluck with a cult leader and his followers, right? I keep denying it out of residual shock and disbelief, but the older I get, the more convinced I feel. 

Let me back-track. Imagine a 17-year-old, comically cynical Gabi with frizzy, dyed red hair and a really tragic “thing” for dudes who played Pixies covers on their sick Fenders. Like, come on, Gabs. Have some self-worth! Don’t make out with a closeted Republican just because he can croon some dumb Jeff Buckley song, ya know?

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I find these stories fascinating. I visited a cult compound as a teen and I’ve never forgotten the experience. It’s left a lingering taste for stories about other peoples’ experiences since mine was so odd.