Saturday, February 09, 2013

Pastor Ira Smith arrested for rape

In a race to the bottom for worst pastor of 2013, Ira Smith takes the early lead when he allegedly forced a mentally handicapped 15-year-old girl to give him oral sex. Smith was the pastor at the now defunct Corinth Missionary Baptist Church in Cave City, Arkansas. 

Sharp County Sheriff Mark Counts and Detective Aaron Presser responded to the call. The mother told Presser that one of her daughters came into her room late in the evening of Jan. 14 to explain her younger sister was crying and upset. After the mother went to speak with her daughter, she was informed that Ira Smith, 33, had forced the girl to perform oral sex on him in the home the day before, also touching her inappropriately during the incident.

Source: Pastor arrested for raping mentally handicapped child

Smith had been accused and cleared of similar crimes before.