Thursday, February 07, 2013

It's the pastors fault stupid

One thing I don't understand about the whole clergy sexual abuse scandal is the number of people who continually blame he victim. Take this barely readable dribble from a supported of Youth pastor Joshua Finney.

his wife & sweet innocent children are the victims here. the young girl invovled knew exactly what she was doing, i know we as parents always blame the adult, but be real, a 13 yr old knows right from wrong. i'm sure he did not force her. were there rap charges...nah i didnt think so. he is expected to be the more responsible party & THAT HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN! this went on for a very long time. yes people involved did know her age. strangley her mother did not remove her from this enviroment. what is that CRAZY! often people in this enviroment are blind to their surroundings. if @least one adult in the congragation can pick up on something not appearing right with the two of them why could others not notice the closeness of the two. why did the wife not follow her intuition that she must have felt. we can begin with three people being responsible #1 Josh Finney-gave satan free reign to indulge in his lust, #2 Mother of the girl-idiot,people pleaser/complete posser, #3 the girl-young girl who was very sneaky. & any1 in the church who kept quite. it takes a fool to believe that texting is all that was involved..come on 1st baptist you know i'm speaking the truth. remember bloggers her mother kept her there a minimum of 6-12 months after the texting drama. yes he was removed & quickley left the state. parents it is no ones responsibility to protect our children other than our own. monitor those text! watch your children's behavior. do not be so disconnected that you can't pick up on a change in their life.

An anonymous poster left this on my blog tonight. The message is clear, the 13-year-old victim wanted it. The pastor was possessed by Satan, and everyone else involved is an enabler. Apparently everyone else involved in the case is at fault while the pastor was a victim of circumstance. I call bullshit. The pastor is at fault. There is no other story. 

Where is Jesus in this screed? Where is Christian love, charity, or forgiveness. Where is human compassion? It's absent. Just like it alway is.