Friday, August 09, 2013

The Schaibles will face justice

I was worried that Herbert and Catherine Schaible would escape justice for the murder of their 8-month-old son. The good news is that they will stand trial for murder and it is unlikely that the couple's seven other children will die by prayer.

Judge won’t drop murder charge against Pa. faith-healing parents; victim was 2nd child to die

PHILADELPHIA — A judge upheld murder charges Wednesday against a fundamentalist Christian couple in their infant’s faith-healing death, saying things might be different if their toddler hadn’t died four years ago “under strikingly similar circumstances.”

Their probation in that case required Herbert and Catherine Schaible to seek immediate medical help if another child was sick or injured. But they instead prayed over 8-month-old son Brandon before he died of pneumonia in April, according to their police statements.

Defense lawyer Bobby Hoof argued that Brandon died just three days after he came down with cold and flu symptoms and said there was no evidence of malice, as required for third-degree murder. The judge disagreed.

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