Friday, August 09, 2013

Ken Cuccinelli must be stopped

Ken Cuccinelli is a strong supporter of these crazy religious clinics, and now he wants to be governor of Virginia. He must be stopped. This is superstitious madness. 

Read this: Undercover footage reveals more crazy "crisis pregnancy center" lies

Crisis pregnancy centers lie to women, and now there is more audio to prove it.

A counseling session covertly recorded by a reproductive rights advocate from NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia reveals, once again, the kind of dubious information (and baldfaced lies) staff members at these anti-choice centers are passing off as legitimate medical advice.

Excerpts from the exchange (which you can listen to in full here):

  • Condoms are “naturally porous” and do not protect against STDs 
  • Women who have taken the birth-control pill for four years prior to their first pregnancy have a 46% increased risk of breast cancer
One forgets that young people are impressionable and can be ignorant. Why, I remember buying a family bible back as a young parent because of the strong sales pitch from a religious organization about the time of my son's births. I was an atheist at the time, plus I paid for it in installments. I'm going with ignorant and gullible.