Friday, August 09, 2013

Devout Christian or Crazy?

Do I only get two choices? I am going with Christian and crazy, or as I like to say, a nutball.

Christopher Dillingham blew his dog up because the poor pup was possessed by none other than the devil himself. Dillingham's former girlfriend put the devil in the dog. I'm not sure how she managed that. Dillingham's bomb decapitated the dog and woke the neighbors.

Skamania County Sheriff Dave Brown, who lives nearby, said the explosion woke him up.

“It sounded like a high-power rifle outside my window,” he said.

A slew of 911 calls sent deputies to Dillingham’s home. They found the remains of the dog strewn about the yard and arrested Dillingham on the spot.

Source: Man charged with blowing up family dog

I would love to edit the quote above and say that Sheriff Brown beat Dillingham senseless before arresting him. That would have made this more horrible story more palatable. But Brown, robbed of his opportunity to shoot the dog himself, simply arrested Dillingham.

Before the haters start in, please consider that I am being sarcastic. I've read a few too many stories about cops shooting family dogs to take a pass at the opportunity to say something.

Dillingham is clearly a nutball. I hope he is held accountable for his crime and gets some help for him delusions.