Monday, June 10, 2013

I love these fails

I love these fails. It buttresses my position that pastors gain no moral advantage from being a men of God.

In Fort Worth Texas, Pastor Clyde Downs, formerly of Arlington Harvest Missionary Baptist Church, was arrested for drug possession and unlawful possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Don't worry though, Pastor Downs left the church six months ago, before he fell from grace.

The Star-Telegram reported this week that Clyde Downs, 48, of Arlington was senior pastor of the New Harvest Missionary Baptist Church in the Stop Six neighborhood, a position he had held for six years. The newspaper got the information from church’s website.

But Thursday, the Rev. John Reed said Downs resigned in January. The church on Carol Avenue is being led by interim pastor Edward Justice and continues its ministries, Reed said.

Source: Minister accused of drug possession is no longer a church pastor, a former colleague says

A few things to consider: Why was a convicted felon the pastor of a Baptist church for over 6 years? Is it because convicted felons cannot find a normal job, so they end up running a church as a means to make a living? Why does a pastor have a gun? In my interpretation of the bible, gun <> Jesus. An excon with drugs... move along. There is no story here. This is expected conduct.