Friday, November 01, 2013

Your pastor is locked up because he screwed up

There is no conspiracy here. Youth evangelist Matt Pitt is sitting in jail on charges that he impersonated a peace officer. It's not his first time either. He’s done it before, plus he’s been acting a little off. Facts aside, his supporters want him out of jail. I’m all for keeping him in until his trail, and then through his sentence.
Pitt is accused of impersonating a peace officer in Jefferson County back in June, a charge that he previously faced in 2012 in Shelby County. 
But those close to him say his jail cell isn't stopping him from spreading God's message. Some of the guys who have visited Pitt in jail say he's having Bible studies and ministering to inmates while he's locked up. 
While Pitt is ministering inside the jail, his supporters continue to spread his message outside the jail. They've started a movement called "Free Pitt."
Source:’#freePItt’ movement spreads support for jailed youth pastor by Clare Huddleston
The tag is getting some traction, but it’s only a few posts per day. I can do better myself with my own tag #ScrewMattPitt. Matt Pitt is not going anywhere. He needs to face a judge and do his time.