Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Youth pastor Demetrius Allen guilty

Youth pastor Demetrius Darnell Allen apparently did carry on a year long sexual relationship with a 14-year-old girl from his church. Since he admitted to the rapes by pleading no contest to 3 counts of lewd acts on a child, we can expect Allen to spend a few long years in prison. How long? Well that depends on the deal he worked out in exchange for his plea. My guess is 6 years. What say you?

Allen was the youth pastor at the Frist Baptist Church in Venice. There was so much love expressed by Allen fans in my original post that I fear the church should be shuttered. They, “don’t get it.”

she was not RAPED , it was her own fault, she had the choice , she made the decision, no one else did There was much love express for the victim in my original post:


she was not RAPED, i think we all need to learn facts before we put judment on people , a man is INNOCENT untill PROVEN GUILTY, we need to remember that !


there are still 2% that AREN'T guilty, this girl is NOT a child, people are so quick to point fingers without thinking the possible situations through, your right, me personally, i will NEVER apologize, i KNOW she is wrong, and i KNOW she is no type of VICTIM. If that qualifies me as a "sick fuck" than so be it.

You get the picture. It’s the 14-year-old girls fault. I think that’s a Baptist thing.