Article Submission Guidelines

This blog accepts articles written by other writes in two categories, original content and guest posts.

Original Content:

If you have an idea for an article, please start the process by submitting a synopsis of your idea. If it fits the general theme of my blog and is well written, I will publish it. You get a byline and a link back to your blog or website. Submissions should be focused on one of these themes: Atheism, Theism, Religion, Clergy Sexual Abuse, Blogging, Photography, Popular Culture, Book and Product Reviews, and art. Of course, these are just a few of the things I post on, so don't be afraid to submit an idea in another category.

A word on poetry - I love poetry. If you write good poetry and would like to publish it here, please submit it.

A word about photography - I love photography. If you take good photos and would like to publish one here. Please submit it.

Guest Posts:

I spend a great deal of  time documenting religious hypocrisy. Several of my readers suggested that I paint an entirely to negative image of Christianity by doing so. That is not my intent. Until recently, it was not something I thought about much. People I care about brought it to my attention, so I’ve given it some thought and changed my mind. I don’t like being a source of wholly negative information. It’s depressing.

I will accept guest posts from people with an uplifting story to tell. I have a few rules.
  • The stories must not preach to atheists. I’m not interesting in using my blog for proselytizing. I don’t try to convert Christians (or any other religion); I expect the same courtesy in return.
  • I can refusal your submission.
  • Submissions are subject to my copyright notice (Creative Commons).
  • Submissions must have a title.
  • Submission must have an author who I can credit for the submission.
  • Cross posts are okay.
  • Previously published content is okay. 
Who will I accept guest posts from? I will accept guest posts from anyone. I started doing this to give theists a chance to post, but it’s open to non-theist bloggers too. I’m after stories that are uplifting from all camps.

How to submit a story:
  • Send me an email at
  • Put Story Submission in the subject line of the email.
  • Include the full text of the story in the body of the email.
  • If linking to a news story, please be sure to include the hyperlinks.