Deep Thoughts is an atheist blog written by a big friendly atheist using the pseudonym Mojoey. I write about religion, atheism, clergy sexual abuse, nutballs, hypocrisy, art, photography, and just about anything else that interests me. This is my blog. I write on subjects that interest me. I've always kept a journal of sorts, and now I happen to keep it online. 

Why Deep Thoughts?

I did not know much about blogging when I started many years ago. I thought I would write on the things that made me laugh like the writings of Jack Handy. That was 5,000+ posts and 7 years ago now, I should have picked a title more in line with my major writing themes, but hey, Its too late now. The real story is found here.

Why Mojoey?

I blog anonymously because I like to keep my professional life and private interests separated. My name is not a secret. If you want to know it, send me an email. As to why I go by Mojoey? Well, there is a post for that too.

Why Nutballs?

A nutball is a person, or group of people, who act in a way that a rational person would intuitively understand to be, well… NUTS! I write about them because the fascinate me and because I think they are dangerous. I have a post on nutballs too.

Why clergy sexual abuse?

It started as an effort to confront Christians who told me I could not be moral without God. I started collecting the most heinous examples of clergy sexual abuse to use as a counterpoint to their position. I started asking the question, what is the point of Christian morality if their pastors are immoral? Something happened along the way - victims started to contact me. They asked for help. They asked for understanding. They asked for justice. Soon too, churches started using my blog as a healing resource to discuss their issues after an abusive pastor was brought to justice. I stay out of these discussions unless I am attacked, and let the members use my comment threads as they will. Then there is the case of a pedophile pastor who was caught because a mother read my blog. He was trying to start over in a new church. Over time, this story repeated itself several times. I soon realized that I was providing a service as well as making my point. Now I feel it is a calling. I do it because it needs to be done.

Was I a clergy sexual abuse victim?

I've been asked this question at least a thousand times so I figure I should answer it here. The answer is no. I attended El Dorado Park Community Church in Long Beach as a teen. I was not abused. In fact, most of the people I knew at the time were wonderful and loving. I still think of them fondly. I found out later that several of the people in my youth choir were molested. I would have been 15. At the time I was 6'2". My best friend was the same age and 6'4". He was not abused either. The abuser allegedly liked smaller boys and girls. I knew none of this at the time and only found out after I was contacted by lawyers years later.

Why am I an Atheist?

I am asked this question the most. I am an atheist because I do not believe there is a God. I am also an agnostic. I do not think it is possible to prove the existence of God. I have been an atheist since the age of 18. I renounced my faith at some point after graduating from high school. I do not remember when it happened because I suffered head trauma that caused several months of my life to go away. At some point in the dark months of my recuperation, I lost my faith. It will never come back. For those of you who think the head trauma cause my loss of faith, I can only say no. I have witnesses, including my wife, who tell me I told everyone of my decision weeks before the accident.

Who am I?

I am an 50ish white male who as been married for 30 years to a wonderful Filipina woman who was my high school sweetheart. We have two sons and one beautiful daughter-in-law. I have a BSB/IT and an MBA. I work as a Technical Project Manager and IT Manager for a Fortune 100 company. I'm good at what I do. I've traveled the world and lived and worked in France, Mexico, and China. I take photos as a hobby and play disc golf to relax. Blogging is what I do instead of watching TV. My true confession - I am a spelltard. It's bad folks. I try hard, but it is my biggest problem.