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Baptist pastor arrested in triple murder

Pastor Kenneth A. Keith of the Main Street Baptist Church was arrested for a triple murder at a pawn shop in Danville.

On September 20 a man walked into ABC Gold, Games and More and fatally shot husband and wife owners Michael Hockensmith, 34, and Angela Hockensmith, 38, of Lincoln County along with Daniel P. Smith, 60, of Richmond.
Police were called by the 9-year-old son of the Hockensmiths who was also in the store at the time of shootings along with his 2-year-old sister. The children were not shot.
Source: Pastor arrested in Danville triple murder by Harold J. Adams

The motive has not yet been established, but it is thought to be a robbery gone wrong. 

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Photo: Harold

Harold, originally uploaded by mojoey.

My photo for they day. Again... I'm playing with the new Fujifilm camera.

Via Flickr:
The most interesting man I work with. Stands at his working desk all day. Knows everything. Great guy.

Guest post by Youth Pastor Drew Underwood

In February of 2011, I reported on youth pastor Drew Underwood's arrest for allegedly attempting to solicit sex from underage girls via the internet. As is typical, I was unkind. All charges against Pastor Underwood were dropped, and for good reason. My policy, in a case like this one, is to offer a guest post to anyone who is subsequently found to be falsely accused, have had the charges dropped or are found not guilty when the case goes to trial. Pastor Underwood was kind enough to reach out to me in an email. He tells his story below.

Email To: Mojoey
Date: 10/5/13
Subject: Deep Thoughts - In response to one of your articles 

My name is Drew Underwood, and I am the youth minister that was accused of sexual crimes that you had mentioned on your blog back in 2010. Of course, as you already know and have reflected on your blog, those charges were dropped due to a wide range of evidence (actually more than just having shown that others had access to my laptop). I know that it has been almost two years since I have been acquitted, but I'm sending this e-mail to you in hopes that it may provide me some sort of closure.

Before this incident had occurred, I had been in the ministry for almost six years. I had served in two churches up to this point, as well as helped manage a construction ministry that sought to help low-income families with home repairs that were desperately needed. As manager of this camp, I constantly reminded our staff to hold themselves "above reproach" (1 Timothy 3:2), knowing that so much as an accusation, true or false, could hinder or effectively put an end to their ministry. This meant ensuring that they were never in compromising situations with the student volunteers that came to our camp, as well as other general interactions with our campers.

I can't even begin to express to you the shock that I was in when I had two local deputy sheriffs arrive at my workplace, only to be indicted on the very things that I so cautiously warned our camp staff about. From the beginning of my indictment, I was cooperative with the investigation and turned over all materials at their request. At the same time, I also knew what the repercussions would be for the accusal. I knew that I would have to leave the ministry that God had called me to in that particular season of my life. Almost immediately, I found myself unemployed and was seeking legal representation with what savings I had, as well as with monetary help from my family.

The charges were formally presented the next month, but it wasn't until mid-April that evidence was finally released. This is when there was a breakthrough in the evidence that eventually led to my acquittal. At the time, I lived in a duplex throughout the year that also served as housing for our summer staff at camp time. Although someone could have easily had access to my personal computer, the IP address registered to my computer did not match with what was discovered during the initial investigation. None of the inappropriate photos or records of chat logs in question were discovered either. Finally, not only were the photos not of me, they were of one of our camp staff.

I believed that this would have been the turning point in the court proceedings. However, when we showed up to discuss the evidence at the next court hearing in May, the detectives in the case were not present. Seeing it as a fluke incident, the hearing was postponed to June. Again, detectives were not present and this cycle continued until the end of the year. During this time, no effort was made by the investigative parties to contact the camp staffer in question. I was told by my legal representation that, essentially, because I was already indicted on the charges, there would be no further investigation.

Finally, in December, after having the detectives not show up to present their side of the case once again, I requested that a date be set for trial. We finally settled on mid February (almost a year after the initial arrest) for the trial to begin. I was prepared to go to court to show my innocence and finally face the indictment head on instead of playing this seemingly endless cat and mouse game. In the weekend before the trial, I was contacted by my lawyer who had been asked if we would accept having the charges dropped so long as we did not seek legal repercussion against the authorities in charge of the investigation.

I discussed filing a case against the parties involved with my lawyer, only to try and recover what savings I had completely depleted, as well as return the money that was given by my family to help me afford a proper legal representation. Although part of me felt entitled to file a case against them (others were overwhelmingly opinionated that I should sue them), at this time I was ready to have these charges dropped and try to move on with my life. I was told that even if I had filed a case, it would have been passed off as probable cause anyways. We agreed that we would pose no legal repercussions and the charges were dropped, as well as my indictment expunged from my record.

I knew that things would not return to normal, not even close. Many of my friendships had become strained so much to the point that we just lost touch. I felt that my ministry was effectively over and that I would never be able to serve in such a capacity simply because of the label that had been placed upon me over the previous year. In the months prior to my acquittal, and even to this day, I have severe anxiety and panic attacks because I feel that people still view me as a monster and a pervert. For the first few months after my arrest, and after politely being asked to remove myself from my place of employment, I never so much as took a step outside of my parents home. I honestly can't even put to words how hard the situation has been to cope with.

But even during what I can easily call the darkest moment in my life, there was a silver lining. My then fiancee stood by my side and supported me from day one of my indictment (our first date was actually supposed to be the day that I was arrested - needless to say, we didn't make it out to dinner that night). We are now married and have a beautiful daughter who just turned six months this past week. In going through this together, our marriage has definitely begun on a much stronger note, and I feel like we've already faced more challenges than what many seasoned marriages will ever experience.

During this time we also returned to my home church where we joined as members. The pastor there, as well as the rest of the entire congregation, has truly been representative in Christ in showing his love and just being there for me and my family. Firmly believing that my personal ministry was over, God proved me wrong as I was ordained as a minister in October of last year and continue to serve alongside my pastor, preaching and ministering to our local community.

Although there are plenty of other ways that God has brought restoration to my life, God has profoundly used the situation to help me draw closer to Him. I mentioned before that I used to work in construction. Whenever a problem arose, it was just my personality to fix it and to come up with a solution, just as you would fix a leaking roof or creaking floor. It was when I was put in this extremely precarious situation that I realized I had no control over the situation and that I honestly had to completely submit myself to God's will and allow him to move. At first, during this whole ordeal, I felt completely and utterly helpless. But, by the end, I knew that it would be God that would bring things to light and ultimately right everything.

God also helped me in my attitude towards the staffer in question who was in the photos provided as evidence. There was so much hatred in my heart for what this person had put me through. However, over time, I realized that if I was to truly be a witness for Christ, I would have to see him as Christ sees him. Although this is a person that obviously should have faced the consequences for his actions, it was also a person that needed help, that was struggling with a horrible addiction and mindset, and obviously needed God to work in his heart and in his life. I can honestly say that I have forgiven this person (although by no means condoning their actions whatsoever), and pray that God will help them overcome this struggle.

In looking over your blog, I realize your stance on Christianity and your views as an atheist. I would like to thank you for reflecting the changes in my case on your blog (something I wish local media here would have done when I was acquitted), as well as for extending me an opportunity to reply. Although we may not have the same stance regarding Christianity, it is never a pleasant thing to see people who are supposed to be leading a faith community commit such horrible acts, much less to see them happen so frequently as it seems to be today. I do realize that cases such as mine are extremely rare, and that many of these minister are guilty of the crimes they have been accused of, but I would be amiss if I didn't say that even though there will always be such cases as these, they do not portray the true Christ. Although what I went through was by no means a pleasant experience, I believe the most hurtful part of the experience would be messages I received on FaceBook saying things to the effect of "this is why I'm not a Christian." Although I'm sure you came to your stance for other reasons, I would like to encourage your readers and other atheist/agnostics to look past the failures of the Christian community, and rather look at the true heart and mindset of Christ.

Again, I apologize for it being so long to reply to your blog post. I have honestly returned to this post many times over the past year, but have had trouble trying to figure out how to respond, or even if I should respond, but I do appreciate the opportunity. I pray that, even though you are sure in your convictions regarding a religious stance, God would reveal himself in some way to you. Thank you again, and may God bless you.

Drew Underwood

Father Cornelius Kelleher accused of molestaton

Retired Diocese of Duluth priest, Father Cornelius Kelleher, has been credibly accused of the sexual abuse of a minor female. The abuse allegedly occurrred in the late 70s and early 80s.

When the accusation was made, Kelleher was immediately removed from any public ministry and is no longer able to function as a priest in his retirement. He retired July 11, 2012. There are, at present, no formal criminal charges or litigation in connection with this accusation, the diocese reported.

Kelleher worked in the diocese as a priest from 1956 to 2012. He served at the following parishes: St. James, Duluth; St. Joseph, Crosby; Holy Family, Eveleth; St. Mary, Cook; St. Bridget, Greaney; St. Benedict, Duluth; St. Joseph, Gnesen; St. Joseph, Lakewood; St. Joseph, Chisholm; St. Andrew, Brainerd; St. Patrick, Hinckley; and St. Joseph, Beroun.

Source: Retired Diocese of Duluth priest accused of sexual abuse of a minor

Better late than never...

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No dumping

No dumping, originally uploaded by mojoey.

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I parked and I trespassed. Oops.

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Never trust a self-proclaimed pastor

Never trust a self-proclaimed pastor. Two recent cases come to mind.

Self-proclaimed Memphis pastor Isaac Burnett tried to buy a 2008 Escalade by writing a check he could not cash. When that would not work, he tried another dealership.
  • TIL: Escalades are the unofficial vehicle of self-proclaimed pastors.
Melody Miles tried to start a bible college, one presumes she is qualified to run the institution. Miles was allegedly a contractor who took money for jobs but did not perform the work. She was arrested during a healing service where she was a guest speaker and was seeking funds from the faithful.
  • TIL: Bible schools are the new "In" scam. Schools draw on a population of home-schooled religious kids who cannot get into a accredited university but want a degree to go with their new job as a pastor.
I can't make this stuff up. It simply happens every day and I capture it here.

Pastor Harry Vester Jones indicted for rape

Baptist pastor Harry Vester Jones of New Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist church in Calera was indicted on a single count of first-degree rape. The alleged victim was an adult female. 

Calera police arrested Jones on a warrant for first-degree rape following an investigation concerning a rape claim reported to police on April 9, according to information released by the agency.

The incident happened on April 2 and involved a 39-year-old woman who is not a Calera resident, according to police. The agency did not provide further details about the allegations.

Source: Shelby Count grand jury indicts Calera pastor on first-degree rape by Martin J. Reen

Jones is listed as the Senior Pastor at his church and uses a "Dr" title, as in Senior Pastor - Rev. Dr. Harry S. Jones. He received his Doctrine of Divinity in May of 2004 from Tennessee School of Religion, and unaccredited institution. Figures.

Arifa Bibi stoned to death

I'll just file this under my list of reasons that Islam is horrible.

Arifa Bibi was sentenced to death by stoning by a Pakistani tribal court, and was executed on July 11 at the hands of her family. Her uncle, cousins and other family members threw stones at the woman until she died, all because she had a mobile phone. She was buried in the desert far away from her home village, and according to reports, her family was not permitted to be involved in her funeral.

Source: Arifa Bibi Stone to death in Pakistan for possessing a cell phone

It's barbaric and senseless.

Rebel rocket attack - Banksy

A mall walker at rest

A mall walker at rest, originally uploaded by mojoey.

I'm still working with the Fujifilm X=Pro1. This is my latest shot.

Via Flickr:
I loved the texture of the red background so I took a few shots while I was waiting for the wife to finish some shopping. I caught this old mall walker and her husband after she finished a lap around the Cerritos Mall.

Pastor Cynthia Chepke arrested

Okay… calling Cynthia Chepke a pastor is a bit of a stretch, but she claims to be an ordained minister (hell, I'm an ordained minister), and claims that faith saved her from drug addiction in her past. That is… she claimed faith saved her until her last relapse, but then the misguided grandmother knocked over the local Circle K with a handgun. I see God's hand is this. There is a lesson to learn buried deep in the story. Right?

Before robbing a Farmingdale convenience store in January, Cynthia Chepke relapsed into drug addiction after 15 years of sobriety, she said before getting two and a half years in prison today.

After waiving a jury trial, Chepke, 56, formerly of West Gardiner and now of Augusta, pleaded guilty to one felony robbery charge and one misdemeanor theft charge in Kennebec County Superior Court, waiving her right to a jury trial.

Read the whole sad story here: Farmingdale convenience-store robber sentenced to 30 months by Michael Shepherd

Drug addiction sucks and so does 30 months in prison. May I suggest a religion-free treatment program the next time around? You never know. Perhaps is she builds skills that do not rely on prayer, she might have a better chance at sobriety. 

Pastor Rodney Carr charged with spreading HIV

There are bad people in the world. Some claim the mantle of holiness via title of pastor and then move on to take advantage of others by any means possible. In the case of pastor Rodney Carr, that included allegedly giving his girlfriend HIV. Who does that?

Minister Rodney Carr faces a class C felony, which is a conviction punishable with significant prison time.

Carr is scheduled for trial in December in criminal court from a July 2012 arrest on accusations that he had sex with a girlfriend but did not tell her he was HIV positive. She found out only after they broke up when she tested positive.

According to an affidavit of complaint, Carr tested positive for HIV in 2005. He had knowledge of his status and the exposure law.

Source: Minister charged for spreading HIV by Nick Kenney

Carr was a pastor for The Fellowship of Believers in Christ Church in Memphis, TN. Carr is no longer affiliated with this church, but still claims to be a pastor. 

The victim in this case is a fool by faith. 

We asked the victim if she could have contracted HIV from someone else besides Carr.

She said, “No, I’ve only been with my husband and him.”

The woman said her husband is not HIV positive, so she’s sure the minister she confided in and eventually became romantic with, gave her the virus.

She said, “He’s an ordained minister but if you’re a minister you’re not going to lie about that.”

She added, “You just want to trust them because they are supposedly God’s people.”

Carr is no longer affiliated with the Fellowship of Believers in Christ Church where he was once an assistant minister.

Source:Memphis Minister Charged with Spreading HIV by Stephanie Scurlock

A fool by faith - that that describes it. Assuming a man will be truthful because of his profession is foolish. One should always weight what a person does when determining if they are worthy of trust. Right?

Watch the story for yourself…

Youth Pastor Gregory Forehand sentenced

Youth pastor Gregory Douglas Forehand, profiled here, was sentenced to five years in prison. The judge suspended a 10 year sentence and recommended a sex-offender treatment program. Forehands lawyers were asking for a six month sentence. 

Forehand, who served as the youth minister and then lead minister at Real Life Christian Church in Chesapeake, pleaded guilty in March to five counts of custodial indecent liberties. The victims, who were male members of the church's youth group, testified the abuse occurred during sleepovers at Forehand's Virginia Beach home. The incidents took place between June 1999 and June 2006, according to online court records.

Source: Former Beach minster sentenced for molestations by Kathy Adams

What did we learn from this case? Never let your child go to a sleepover at a youth pastors home! Of course, this is a lesson we all should have learned a long time ago. I think the "youth pastor" moniker causes otherwise good parents to forget their duties.

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I don't get tattoos

I don't. I grew up with them of course, and I was in the service. I passed on getting an eagle at age 19 because it would have wrapped around my whole arm. Today I see them everyplace I go. I must be getting old.

Via Flickr:
I really don't understand the attraction.

Rev. William Paulish arrested

A Catholic priest named Rev. Willam Paulish was arrested for indecent exposure, unlawful contact with a minor, indecent assault and involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a person under 16. Paulish was working at the Prince of Peace Parish in Old Forge prior to his arrest.

Rev. Paulish was caught with a boy in his car.

I am truly sorry I missed this story when it originally ran back on September 21. Bastards like Rev. Paulish need the full weight of public scrutiny when they are caught in the act of molesting a child, even if it is a Craigslist hookup.

Rev. Robert L. Brennan charged with sexual assault

Catholic priest and alleged serial child molester Rev. Robert L. Brenna was charged with sexually assaulting a Philadelphia alterboy. It's a sad story considering he also stands accused of molesting at least 20 other boys.
Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams announced the arrest Thursday morning of Rev. Robert L. Brennan. 
"A serial predator is now behind bars thanks to brave actions of this young man," Williams said. 
Brennan is accused of sexually assaulting the altar boy from 1998 to 2001 when the child was between 11 and 14 years old, according to authorities.
Williams described in graphic detail how Brennan, who was 60 when the alleged attacks started, began sexually assaulting the boy when the victim was in the 6th grade. 
Source: Philly Priest Sexually Abused Alter Boy for Years: DA by Dan Stamm
The story cites a 'brave young man' for coming forward. I agree. We all owe you thanks.

Geronimo Aguilar indicted in Texas

Pastor Geronimo Aguilar, the disgraced founder of the Richmond Outreach Center (ROC), has been indicted by a Texas grand jury. He's charged with sexually assaulting a child. He faces life in prison.

If convicted on the two aggravated sexual assault charges, which are first-degree felonies, Aguilar, who once led raucous church services packed with throngs of loyal followers, could spend the rest of his life in a Texas prison.

The indecency charges are second-degree felonies that carry a maximum sentence of 20 years behind bars. Aguilar and his attorney did not respond to a request for comment Friday evening.

Source: Geronimo Aguilar indicted by Texas grand jury

My heart soars at the thought of pastor Geronimo Aguilar rotting in a Texas prison for the rest of his life. The man is the ultimate hypocrite. His former church, the ROC, just announced that Aguilar was biblically disqualified from being a pastor because of numerous affairs in the church and in community. There is no word yet as to if he is disqualified for the alleged rape of children. 

Pastor Hugo Ornelas found guilty

Pastor Hugo Ornelas, formerly of Iglesia del Dios Vivo in Windsor, was found guilty of four counts of sexual assault on a child. Ornelas tried to claim Christian privilege, but was arrested again for violating the terms of his parol.

Ornelas was ordered not to be in contact with anyone under the age of 18. But in June, he was arrested again, this time on misdemeanor charges of violating the terms and conditions of his protection order, after Windsor Police, working with Fort Collins police, found Ornelas interacting with children ages 3 to 8 at the Iglesia del Dios Vivo church.

According to his arrest affidavit, Ornelas told police he thought the protection order didn’t apply to his church.

Source: Man connect to Windsor church found guilty on child sex assault charges

Ornelas must serve prison time. Lets hope the Judge sees that.

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Tagging in neon

Tagging in neon, originally uploaded by mojoey.

I shot this tonight while at dinner using my new Fujifilm X-Pro1 camera. It takes a little getting used to, but I like the feel of the rangefinder and the optics are clean.

SNAP looking to remove Rev. Robert Stepek

When SNAP wants something, I find it is wise to jump on the bandwagon as they are almost alway right. They want Rev. Robert Stepek removed from his position as a Police Department Counselor in Burbank. Why? Because the archdiocese of Chicago removed him as the pastor of St. Albert the Great Church when two bothers people came forward with abuse complaints.

The archdiocese removed Stepek from the ministry at St. Albert in November 2006 while the allegations were being investigated. The priest filed a defamation lawsuit against the brothers, claiming they were fabricating their allegations in hopes of a large cash payouts.

The brothers, in August 2007, filed their own lawsuit against Stepek, which later was settled out of court.

While the archdiocese’s findings tended to buttress the brothers’ claims, the Vatican said last month that, following “two lengthy” trials by a canonical court, the court “was unable to find evidence strong enough to merit a judgment that Fr. Stepek had sexually abused a minor,” according to a Sept. 15 statement released by the archdiocese.

Source:Group demands pastor's ouster from police by Mike Nolan

How about it Burbank Police Chief Bruce Radowicz? Why have an alleged pedopriest on staff?

Pastor Lawlor sentenced to 'John school'

I don't really have anything against prostitution, unless it involves a pastor who makes his living as the moral authority for his flock and he's trying to screw a underaged teen.

A former associate pastor from Everett will be jailed for three months and must attend "john school" after pleading guilty to a felony following his February arrest in Seattle for trying to pay a 16-year-old girl for sex.

John K. Lawlor, 55, last month pleaded guilty to second-degree assault and was sentenced Sept. 27. He'd earlier been charged in King County Superior Court with the more serious offense of commercial sex abuse of a minor.

Source: Former Everett pastor arrested in sting sentenced

At least he is no longer a pastor. Well, at least not at the First Baptist Church in Everett. 

Nine-years-old is too young pastor Donald Jung

Seriously now… who looks at a nine-year-old girl as an object of sexual attraction? Pastor Donal Jung allegedly does. He stands accused of raping a nine-year-old girl, which he denies, but he admits to raping a 10-year-old girl 22 years ago. The victim was his daughter. Pastor Jung is a rat bastard. Did I mention he was a pastor?

Cook County Assistant States Attorney Michelle Papa has requested the military records of Rev. Donald Jung, a La Grange pastor accused of predatory criminal sexual assault of a child, the Doings La Grange reports.

According to the Doings, Papa said she requested the records because of information that Jung's daughter had indicated allegations of sexual abuse while he was in the Army.

Source: Military Records Sought in La Grange Pastor's Sex Assault Case

Pastor Jung is a baptist. He was the pastor at Second Baptist Church of La Grange.

A chimp

A chimp, originally uploaded by mojoey.

I shot this while at the Oakland Zoo recently. The chimp rolled a tractor tire over to the window and flipped it up so that he could sit on it and watch the people looking into the window. I wonder what he is thinking?

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Ministering from behind bars is insanity

Pastor David Love is serving a life sentence for second degree murder. He killed the husband of his lover so that he could run away and start a new life. 20/20 recently posted a profile of the case. I posted on Love's arrest and his lover Teresa Stone's subsequent arrest back in 2010. A line from the 20/20 profile troubled me. It closed by saying that David Love is ministering to others from behind bars. How is that possible?

I realize we cannot stop Love from preaching, but where is his authority to do so? How can a admitted adulterer and convicted murderer preach? Where are the protests? Where is the outrage? Oh hell, just show me one editorial and I'll be happy. It won't happen though. It never does. Christianity is sick. Love is but one of the symptoms.

That ain't right - Pastors with guns

Is the message of Christ really one that promotes Pastors carrying loaded guns while they preach? I don't think so. Pastor Ed Gonzalez of Linwood Baptist Church carries a loaded semiautomatic while preaching. He does it to "protect his flock".

Pastor Ed Gonzalez of Linwood Baptist Church says he was also faced with a potential life or death situation from someone who walked in his church and threatened his life.

"He walked in my office and told me God told him to take me out," says Gonzalez.

The man eventually backed away, but Gonzalez says it's situations like these that prove that churches are soft targets, which is why he and several other members can be found with two weapons against evil close by on Sundays. A bible and a fire arm.

Source:Local pastor packs pistol to protect his church by Shayne Wright

The message of Christ molds to nearly every situation imaginable. You can use it to justify almost anything. That's just one reason I think Christianity is inauthentic. Do pastors really think guns are the way to spread the Word? Pfft…I'm sure others will agree with me. But where is the outrage? Where are the protests? There is only silence and the nodding of heads. Can I get an amen?

You think Obama is a Muslim... are you just dumb?

Important people still claim that President Obama is a Muslim, and I am seriously tired of this line of bullshit; yet the story persists. Senator Ted Cruz's father implied it at a GOP dinner in Colorado recently, and Rafael Cruz is a Christian pastor.

When an excited woman in the audience yelled, “He is a Muslim,” Mr. Cruz responded with, “McCain couldn’t say that because it wasn’t politically correct. It is time we stop being politically correct!"

These words imply that despite Obama’s longtime allegiance to the Christian faith, he secretly practices Islam — an accusation Republicans have entertained for years, along with denying the president’s citizenship. Both notions have been thoroughly debunked.

Source: Ted Cruz's Pastor Father Implies Obama is Muslim

I'm so tired of this. I really am. In the next election, I hope America rises up and casts out its nutball demons.

What really pisses me of is that a Christian pastor is spewing this hate. How is this the legitimate message of Christ and why is it that Christians all over America are not speaking out against this insanity? I don't understand. This is hypocrisy. This is anti-Christian. The man is spewing hate and spreading lies. Where is the accountability?

Pastor Kong Soik Kamkung arrested

Pastor Kong Sok Kamkung was arrested for touching a young girl (Yes.. in a bad way).

Kong Sok Kamkung, 53, of the 2600 block of Mirror Lake Court, was jailed Thursday under a $5,000 bond on an indecent liberties charge, Fayetteville police spokesman Lt. Todd Joyce said Friday.

Kamkung is listed as reverend at St. Matthews United Methodist Church in Fayetteville, which, according to police, is where the alleged crime occurred in June.

Source: Fayetteville pastor jailed on indecent liberties charge involving child

I need more on this story. If anyone has info, please send it my way.

Christian racism North Carolina style

I know racism when I see it.

Pastor Makeda Pennycooke of a church in North Carolina wanted to present the best face to the public because "first impressions matter". Pennycooke is African American. She asked that her white congregants greet people at the door. That's racism in my book.

"We are continuing to work to bring our racial demographic pendulum back to mid-line," she wrote. "So we would like to ask that only white people be on the front doors."

Carmen Thomas, who has attended and served at the church for the past two years, told WBTV that she was "floored" by the request.

Source: N.C pastor asks that 'only white people' greet congregation at church doors 

My advice to the members of Freedom House Church is simple. Your pastor is a dumbass and is a ignorant racist

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Youth pastor Brent Girouex arrested

Former youth pastor Brent Girouex allegedly tried to cure boys of their homosexual urges by having sex with them. WTF?
Brent Girouex, 31, was arrested on 60 counts of suspicion of sexual exploitation by a counselor or therapist after authorities found out about his actions. 
In February Girouex confessed to Council Bluffs police detectives that he had sexual relations with four young men starting in 2007 to help them gain "sexual purity" in the eyes of God. However, at least eight men have come forward with complaints that the pastor molested them. 
Girouex told investigators that the longest relationship he had with any of the victims lasted four years. He said that it started when the boy was 14 years old and that the "mutual" contact took place 25 to 50 times. The victim, who is now an adult, told investigators the real number of times was between 50 and 100 times.
Source: Pastor had sex with teens to 'cure' their homosexuality
Parents… why trust your children to a youth pastor? The position is a modern concept. Perhaps sitting through a long boring sermon would be better for their moral fiber?

Pastor Rickey Alan Reed busted again

Pastor Rickey Alan Reed was arrested on a single count of felony aggravated burglary and misdemeanor theft. He was on probation at the time of his arrest for a similar crime in 2011. He was after drugs. I posted his story back in October of 2011.

Attorney representing Pastor Geronimo Aguilar arrested for assault

The attorney representing Pastor Geronimo Aguilar (profiled here) of the Richmond Outreach Center, was arrested last month for allegedly assaulting a women in his home.

According to police reports, David L. Carlson was involved in an altercation with the woman, Lisa Kelley, who claimed Carlson rubbed her face against the carpet then dragged her across the floor. Carlson denied the allegations stating that Kelley is known to have problems with alcohol and prescription drugs.

Carlson was released on bail a short time after and is currently awaiting his next hearing which is set for mid-November.

I don't know what to say… the apple don't fall far from the tree seems wrong. Words fail me.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Pastor David Downs re-arrested

Baptist pastor David Rutherford Downs was re-arrested for sexual battery and lewd and lascivious conduct. The Orange-Osceola State's Attorney's office had elected not to pursue changes just a month before.

The charges stem from allegations that the former Chuluota pastor had inappropriate sexual contact with a child under the age of 12 after over the course of several years.

Downs was first arrested in July 2012 after a victim came forward to law enforcement saying she had been touched and battered by the preacher on numerous occasions throughout her childhood.

He stepped down as pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church after the charges surfaced. Church officials say he is no longer a member.

Source: Ex-Baptist Preacher re-arrested on child-rape charges by Arelis R. Hernandez

I hope that this time we see Pastor Downs faces justice.

Youth pastor Jason Robertson arrested

He seemed like such a good Christian. He ministered to our young girls. He played in a Christian rock band. He was so nice…. and youth pastor Jason Robertson allegedly had a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl.

Boulder Police say Roberson is facing sexual assault charges for having a relationship with a 15-year-old girl that continued for seven years. The now, 23-year-old told police that Roberson touched her inappropriately and watched her undress by spying on her outside her home in Boulder.

“I have all the trust in the world with Jason, let’s just put it that way. I never thought this manner would come about,” said Mike.

Police say Roberson was a close friend of the victim’s family and they say he allegedly admitted to the relationship when confronted by the victim and family friends.

Source: Youth Pastor arrested in Boulder sex assault case by Sara Morris

The first step is admitting your crime. Then next is avoiding bubba in prison…

Robertson was the youth pastor at Vinelife Church in incorporated Boulder County.

Motive established in the murder of Pastor Ronald J. Harris Sr.

I posted on the murder of Pastor Ronald J. Harris Sr. yesterday. At the time of my post, there was no motive established for the crime. The motive is interesting and fits the theme of my posts on hypocrisy. The wife of deacon Woodrow Karey had filed a rape compliant against the pastor two days before the murder.

The wife of a deacon accused of gunning down a pastor during a church service had filed a rape complaint against the preacher two days before he was fatally shot, a Louisiana sheriff said today.

Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Tony Mancuso said investigators are trying to determine whether the deacon's wife had a consensual relationship with the pastor or if she had been the vicitim of an assault.

"We are looking at the possibility of that as a motive," Mancuso told

Source: Sheriff: Suspect's Wife Filed Rape Charge Against Pastor Before Shooting by Alyssa Newcomb

After allegedly shooting Pastor Harris at range, Woodrow Karey allegedly walked up to the pastor and shot him again at close range. I'd say the murder was personal and I would also say the murder qualifies for a listing under Clergy Sexual Abuse.