Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pastor David Love arrested

DavidLove Baptist pastor David Love was arrested in South Carolina. He’s been on the run since April when authorities searched his church in connection with the murder of Randy Stone. Pastor Love officiated at his funeral.

According the the LA Times, Pastor David Love is fighting extradition to Missouri to face a murder charge

On Wednesday, Love refused to waive extradition. Prosecutors say that they have obtained a governor's warrant that will force the former pastor of the New Hope Baptist Church to return to Missouri to face charges.

According to Stone's relatives, Love had a 10-year affair with Stone's wife, Teresa Stone, and had confessed to the woman the day after Stone's funeral, in which Love gave the eulogy.

The charge in this case is devastating and not what one would expect from a Christian pastor. Love is alleged to have conducted a 10 year long affair with the wife of Randy Stone, and then, it is alleged he shot Stone in cold blood.

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