Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Divac heading back to lakers

The Sports Network - National Basketball Association

It can get no worse: Vlade Divac SUCKS. Vlade "Floppy" Divac absolutely SUCKS. He spends more time on his five million dollar wallet, then he does banging for rebounds or putting points on the board. The Lakers deserve him too. Trade away Shaq, replace him with Floppy, and we will finished in what, 5th place next season? I bet we won't even make the playoffs.

When Floppy played with the Lakers, the games were painful to watch. When he went to the Kings, I cheered (we cheered) because now I could watch him lose without feeling the pain. Plus Shaq beat the crap out of him.

All this because Koby is a tad self centered. I hope he likes Jail.

We have no hope, there is nothing we can do but cheer on the clippers.

Is this a good trade?
  • Shaq: ppg 21.5, rpg 11.5
  • Floppy: ppg 9.9, rpg 5.7
Where is Jerry West when need him?

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Not a gay ritual

sharing tacos 

Bored with playing poker, the boys decide an eating contest is in order. 18 tacos, 6 chocolate puddings, 1 large chili fry, and a two liter cream soda later, we have no winners. Although Ryan and Tan did fall in love.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Boba Fett in Long Beach

Boba Fett © Copyright 2004 Mojoey

I saw this as I was pulling into a parking lot in Long Beach. It's the first piece of Star Wars graffiti I've seen. I wonder what it means? Boba Fett was a Bounty Hunter, maybe it has something to do with the game?

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Moore may have violated Canadian Law

Michael Moore gave a speech in Canada where he said the following:

"What I hope that Canadians will get out of this is to get people out to the polls to make sure Mr. Harper does not become your next prime minister"

"(Harper) believes that Canada should be joining more with the United States instead of trying to be its own separate thing. And I think he has a big pair of scissors in his hands, desperate to cut away at the social safety net that (Canadians) have."

"You should be saying, 'You know what? We don't want this country, Canada, to become like Bush's America,"
Apparently this conclusion with a law that forbids foreigners from interfering in Canadian elections. Moores comments can be considered interfering. I bet if Canada asked for Moore to be extradited, Bush would hand him over on a silver platter.
Moore loves Canada. He often points to it as an example of what America should become. It would be great to see him do a little time in the great white north! 

Found Art - Superwhat?

Superwhat?  © Copyright 2004 by Mojoey
I friend recently asked that I start posting some of my art. Since I only have a few friends, I figure I had better comply. This is a recent shot of some found art I photographed on the street in San Francisco. I love the way it shows deterioration.
Thanks Marsha. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Ceez's Motto

On my mind  © Copyright 2004 by Mojoey

Every now and then, I run across a picture that reminds me of a friend. This one's for little Ceez, a Pepperdine schoolmate. It fits him perfectly, the unaltered version that is: "I think about girls a lot".

Go get em Ceez

Moore failed Ray Bradbury... and us

I've been meaning to write about this travesty since I first heard about it a few months ago. It's really pissed me off. Fahrenheit 451 is one of my all time favorite books and is actually responsible for started me down the road of reading instead of hitting a bong. I love Bradbury's work and respect the legacy he has created. It saddens me to see Bradbury treated disrespectfully by anyone, but to hear that Moore "borrowed" the title for his movie from the book and did not even bother to talk to Bradbury first (or after), feels wrong. I understand that what Moore did is not illegal, but instead of engendering respect for Moore and his work, it has pushed me firmly towards skepticism. If Moore can treat someone like Ray Bradbury like this, what does that say about his character? The thing that stinks like rotten fish in this bouillabaisse is Moore’s assertion that the Fahrenheit 9/11 has nothing to do with Bradbury's work. I guess if Fahrenheit 451 were not the seminal speculative fiction work of its time, and if it had not been taught to millions of young minds in our public schools, Moore's assertion might hold weight. However, history tells a different story.

Wait - maybe Moore is trying to compare Bradbury's work of fiction to his own work of fiction.

Parting thought – borrowing without permission is stealing

Pitching high and tight to Michael Moore

Fahrenheit Moore or Less

Moore says that Peter Townsend refused to allow him to use WON’T GET FOOLED AGAIN in Fahrenheit 9/11. The reason Moore gives is that Townsend supported the war in Iraq. Peter Townsend tells a very different story. It makes for an interesting read.

It looks like another example of a half-truth from Michael Moore. Townsend really did not allow Moore to use the song, but it had nothing to do with Townsend’s stance on the war. The issue instead focused on the monetary value of the song.

Who will hold Moore accountable, the press maybe(fat chance). Peter Townsend makes a good case that things are not as they seem with Moore's account of the story. It's fair to say that if Moore's accurateness on this issue can be called into question, then perhaps we should look at other issues with his work (or statements). I wonder what else is wrong with Fahrenheit 9/11?

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Decapitation: Execrable, but effective

Aljazeera.Net - Decapitation: Execrable, but effective

Is Decapitation effective? yep it kills people. Is it a good weapon of war? No, decapitation is dishonorable. Then again, so is sneaking around lobbying grenades, shooting random RPGs,  and detonating car bombs. Should we care if  insurgents move from kidnapping to murder even if their goal is just in their own eyes? Yes - we should care - just like the FBI cares here in America. If you are foolish enough to kidnap and kill someone here the FBI will Hunt you down and lock you up (or kill you). What should we do about it? Perhaps we could ask the news to stop giving these wackos a voice. Or better yet, perhaps we can actually catch and kill a few of these nutballs.

Monday, July 12, 2004

Kobe forces shaq out?

Shaq set to leave Posted by Hello

I cannot believe it's come to this. Shaq is leaving, Phil gone, Rudy arriving, and the possibility of Kobe expressing interest in the Clippers. All for what, to prove he is the star? The Lakers have lost two years in a row despite having his almighty star power. Is is too early to say “has been”. If the Lakers really caved in and got rid of Phil and Shaq to make Kobe happy, then let Kobe leave. Nobody is worth this much pain. The Lakers will be lucky to make it to the first round next year. With Shaq on the east cost, and Kobe possibly locked up in Denver (or working for the Clippers), it's going to be a BAD basketball year for LA.

Maybe we need a new GM too. Where is Jerry West when you need him?

Oh well, now maybe I can afford tickets.

One Way?

Clear Direction Posted by Hello

I don't understand why people post stickers on signs. I guess I'm getting old, it really does not make much sense. In this case, it's even more confusing, these signs are 10 feet from the ground in an ally behind the Hooters in Long Beach. You would need a ladder to reach them. Who would put them up, and who would read them?

Maybe at 10 feet off the ground, the city works can't remove them?

A Suit Based on Alleged Health Effects of the Atkins Diet

A man eats pastrami and cheesecake for 5 weeks and has chest pains, suffered higher cholesterol, and needed cardiac catherization; all this from F I V E weeks on the Atkins diet? I don’t think so.

Let’s see – This lawsuit sounds frivolous to me. Here is a more likely scenario: A 52-year-old man in questionable heath starts experiencing chest pain. He does not have insurance, or cannot afford the operation, he looks around for deep pockets, picks Atkins because its hot right now (it could have been any diet book), and sues for damages. This sounds just like the “McD made me fat” argument. He can’t possible win.

If it saves a life?

My gut tells me caving into the demands of terrorists is wrong, but my heart tells me allowing Angelo de la Cruz to return to his family is the right thing to do. The Philippines was planning to pull its troops out in August anyway, what would it hurt to pull them out sooner? My guess is more hostages will be taken...

What to do, what to do?

Sunday, July 11, 2004

One in fifty

Feet Posted by Hello

I take lots of pictures. Most are just ordinary, some document my life, and some are of friends. I love taking pictures. Only... I seem to take the pictures I like the best on accident. Like this one. I took fifty so-so pictures, and only one I actually liked. The problem is that I don't actually remember taking it. My finger must have pushed the trigger on accident. Go figure.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Duh - he's a Muslim

Missing Marine reappears at embassy in Beirut: "Wassef Ali Hassoun is alive and well"

It seems likely that this incident will be hotly pursued by the press. A hoax kidnapping of a US Marine in Iraq is one way to spin the story. Another way would be to say - oops, we kidnapped a Muslim. We can't kill a Muslim, let's drive Wassef to his family in Lebanon instead. If this is the story, the press will drop it. If the story turns out to be a hoax, the press will hang on to the bitter end.

I’m not sure on this, but I think desertion during a war can carry some pretty nasty penalties, maybe even death. The press would eat that up. I can see it now, a poor Muslim Marine forced to serve against his faith.... we’ve heard it all before.

U.S. Wants bin Laden nabbed by election

Hmmmm, The US wants bin Laden nabbed by election. No wait, the US wants bin Laden. No wait, Bush wants bin Laden. No wait, Bush want to be re-elected. I get it - you don't have to hit me in the head with a brick. Do you really need to write a major news piece about this? My assumption is that Bush is pushing as hard as he can to grab bin Ladin. Christ, it's common sense. Grab bin Ladin = win election.

I don't give a crap if Bush wants him to help the process by buying off Pakistan, or if it happens to coincide with the opeing speach at the democratic convention. (It would be cool through; it tends to be a bad news day) We need to kill bin Laden any time or any way we can.

It's like he knows

The end is near Posted by Hello

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

What is the meaning of Intifada?

Wikipedia defines Intifada as translating from Arabic as "shaking off". Wikipedia goes on to say the Palestinian Intifada ...started as campaigns of civil disobedience, then escalated into a tit-for-tat cycle of of violent reprisals and counter reprisals... Therefore, by definition, Intifada may mean "shaking off" or "uprising", but is also understood to mean a combination of civil disobedience and escalating violence. I think this definition is the popular understanding of the word in America. I totally reject the notion that Intifada can be used as a peaceful term, it carries a well-understood threat inherent in its meaning, namely, we will use any means to achieve our goal, Including violence and murder. When Muslim apologists like Hatem Bazian use this term, they are using the "violent rebellion" meaning and are trying to incite violence in those who are listening. It is irresponsible.

Hatem Bazian called for an Intifada in a public rally in San Francisco in April, then went on Bill O’Reilly TV show and backed away from his inflammatory comments. posted a good digest of Bazian's comments. in the article "Bazian defined Intifada as “shaking off,” willfully ignoring that these days, both in Arabic and in English, it means “violent rebellion.” Of course, this is at best a transparent word game meant to protect his academic position here in America while allowing him to continue calling for violent activities. It fools only the simple minded.

More to come on Hatem Bazian...

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Jesus Christians - They might be nutballs

God & Consequences

These guys are nutters for sure. Read the article, then click through to their website they rationalize breaking the law by saying the bible says it's ok. Their comments regarding becoming living sacrifices seems just a step away from killing yourself for Jesus. I'm going to put these guys in my google news watch list. It should be good for a few laughs. I hope they don't open a compound in Guyana.

Thanks to Storyhunters, their site is always a good read.

Counting the brokendown Uhauls

I drove to Las Vegas over the Fourth of July weekend on I15. The drive takes about four hours if traffic is light; it’s also very boring. I normally listen to books on tape or music to pass the time, but this time I wanted to see if Uhaul truly sucked or not. So, I counted the breakdowns. Driving out I counted three breakdowns. The first was a small truck on I15 near San Bernardino; it was towing a old Ford. The family, all five of them, were gathered around the smoking front end. They looked pissed. The Second break down was spectacular, Uhauls biggest truck, towing a beat up old Buick, with two other cars in the sand next to the road near Zzyzx road. There were about nine adults in all, they were unpacking the truck in 100 degree heat while a tow truck tried to lift the moving van. It looked like a disaster in the making. Poor bastards. The other break down was a deserted smallish looking van, parked under an overpass.

On the way back, I stopped counting at six. One large van barely even made it out of Vegas. It boggles my mind that a company like Uhaul would rent a POS Van and send people off through a desert. I mean, what if somebody dies of heatstroke?

I’m going to come up with a point system for this new hobby. Suggestions are welcome.