Sunday, October 28, 2018

A she-monster escapes accountability

Dylan McEwen acted in and created graphic child pornography, but a Canadian judge decided that women cannot be pedophiles and let her off easy. You know, because science.
But what the presiding judge would not do was declare McEwen a dangerous offender, which the Crown had sought and with impassioned urgency.
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I facepalmed when I read the article. It's wrong-headed. The judge should have focused on McEwen’s acts. She acted like a pedophile. She should be treated like one. Science does not exclude the possibility of a female pedophile and we have ample evidence of women committing these acts. Put Dylan McEwen of the pedophile registry. She deserves the recognition.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Wait… what?

I read the news on Saturday mornings and sometimes I scratch my head and say to myself, "Wait… what?"

Take this article: Oakland Police Will Stop Asking Recruits if They Were Sexually Assaulted. It’s 2018. Do we really have policies like this one in place? How wrongheaded does something need to be before our leadership takes action? This policy stopped female and minority applicants from joining the Oakland police force. It’s a clear roadblock to progress and equality. Mayor Libby Schaaf did the right thing here. We should celebrate people like her. Doing the right thing… we should always do the right thing. Thanks Mayor Schaaf… now, can you we do anything about International Avenue?