Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pastor David Love update

In case you missed it, pastor David Love allegedly murdered Randy Stone. His partner in crime was allegedly Randy’s wife, Teresa L. Stone. She was indicted for her husband’s murder a few days ago.

As the investigation continued, Stone’s family revealed that Love and Teresa Stone were having an affair that had been going on for about a decade, according to family.

According to the county prosecutor’s office, Teresa L. Stone, “agreed with David Love that one or more of them would murder Randy Stone, and ... one or more of them communicated that they wanted Randy Stone murdered.”

David Love carried on a ten year affair with the wife of his friend and ultimately murdered the man. How is this Christ like? How is this in any way related to a Christian walk? How did Love carry on a affair without members of his Church or family finding out and holding him accountable? What is the duty of the sheep here?

Another thing I will never understand about murder cases like this one is why they murder in the first place. It’s so much easier to just walk away and file for a divorce.

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