Thursday, June 16, 2011

If a pastor gives you a pill, don’t take it.

We all have differing amounts of common sense. As a children we have less than we do as adults. That is to say, we will develop more common sense if our mistakes do not kill us along he way. 16-year-old Brianna Benbo made a mistake and it cost her her life. She trusted a pastor where an adult might have said hell no. Her pastor, Glories Powell, allegedly gave her a “poison pill” during a church service. The church called it a relaxer. Brianna had an allergic reaction and died. Her parents are suing.

The suit accuses both the church and its leaders of wrongful death and negligence. The family of 16 year old Brianna Benbo, says the young girl's death  is the direct result of a "zealous religious fasting ritual" spear-headed by senior pastor Glories Powell.  A YouTube video shows Powell preaching to her congregation.

According to court documents, Brianna was a parishioner at Powell's church, the Moment of Truth Ministries,  also known as  the Church of Divine Appointment. 

And they say it was during a religious service in July of 2010, that Brianna was told to take a poisonous capsule.

I’ve got to get a list going. We all know the lead off item, “Do not drink the kool-aid.” Then there is, “Don’t accept a ride home from the pastor.” And, “Counseling requires the pastor wear pants.” Now we can add, “Don’t take poison from a pastor.” But then, that one seems obvious.

Pastor Glories Powell runs the Moment of Truth Ministries AKA Church of Divine Appointment.

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