Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Cracks opening in the Brijbag case

Youth pastor Brian Brijbag was a accused of having a threesome with two girls. One girl was 17. Now it appears that the 17-year-old victim may have been coerced into making a false accusation by rouge police officer, Marc Davidoff. Among the allegations are that he threatened to release a photo of her in a compromising position with another girl, and that he guided her confession to fit the facts given by another witness. Davidoff was subsequently fired for attempting to kiss a women who was in his custody.
Hyslop said the girl who ultimately made the accusation against Brijbag was "brow beaten" into giving the police the information they wanted.
The prosecutor in the case, Brian Trehy, is still having difficulty "nailing down" the date in which the incident happened, Hyslop said.
Source: Sex crime iffy by Tony Holt
Brijbag may see the charges dropped if this article is even partly true. When you have a bad cop pressuring a witness, revising confessions to fit the facts, and coercing behavior, the facts of the case become questionable. Brijbag will benefit from the confusion.

Original Post: Youth pastor Brian Brijbag arrested for threesome (April 2011)

***Update 5/12/2012Brijbag pleads no contest