Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pastor Clinton Feemster arrested again

The last time former pastor Clinton Feemster was arrested for soliciting sex from a undercover male police officer he was found not guilty, but it cost him his job. That was in 2011. Fast forward to 2012 and we find Clinton Alexander Feemster arrested for soliciting sex from a male police officer in the same airport overlook. I’m thinking I should refer to Feemster as gay former Baptist pastor Clinton Feemster from here on out.

According to a warrant affidavit, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer E. Roman and four detectives went to the airport overlook for a sting operation. The overlook is known as a “meeting place for males interested in engaging in illegal public sexual acts,” according to the affidavit…

…Feemster asked the undercover officer to talk with him at the picnic tables on the overlook grounds. Feemster offered to engage in a sex act with Officer Roman in a public location, according to the affidavit.

Source: Former pastor arrested 2nd time on sex charge

Feemster was the pastor at Mount Zion Baptist Church in Kings Mountain. He apparently retired to pursue an alternative lifestyle. Hypocrite. Come out of your closet.

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Anonymous said...

the courts may not havefound Feemster guilty but it sure appears that he is not by a long shot innocent even if the officer push the envelope to far the question still remains why did Feemster leave his personal vehicle to enter the vehicle with the police officer why is he mentioned in this mess at all being a pastor we have some sorry individuals in the pulpit some were called by God and some just went on their own self proclamation