Monday, March 07, 2011

Pastor Clinton Feemster arrested

Another Baptist pastor has fallen to the temptation of prostitution. Pastor Clinton Feemster was arrested for soliciting an undercover police officer in Kings Mountan, N.C.
Church officials with Mount Zion Baptist Church in Kings Mountain said Pastor Clinton Feemster will stay on leave until the outcome of their own investigation into what happened.
Feemster, who has been with Mount Zion for 20 years, returned to his congregation last Sunday for the first time since his arrest on Feb. 18 for soliciting an undercover vice officer. Femster was arrested at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport overlook in West Charlotte and charged with crimes against nature.
Clinton Feemster is another fine example of Christian morality that’s run off the rails. Pray for him all you want. The mans just looking to get laid, which is good behavior for Baptists pastors these days. At least he was not going after the kids.

Update 7/19/2011 - Clinton found not guilty.