Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Informal libertarian survey results

I asked 34 people what they thought of Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson. I should add. I asked people that were not already libertarians, of the 33, most were democrats. The results are interesting. 

Of the 34 people I talked to, 33 people had not heard of Gary Johnson.

  • One person knew of Gary Johnson but had no idea what he stood for.

I asked a follow-up question. What do you think the Libertarian party stands for?

My answers were all over the map on this one. I've grouped them by themes below.

  1. They want to over throw democracy. (40%)
  2. They do not believe in America (a states rights response). (22%)
  3. The party died out in the 90s. (10%)
  4. Libertarians are a branch of the Tea Party. (10%)
  5. Libertarians are like Republicans but without the religion (10%)
  6. The rest were, "I don't know."

My analysis: We don't do a good job getting the message out. What do you think?

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