Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christian's and stinking thinking

The warning signs of a bad church are rarely written boldly across the headlines of national newspapers. They are in this case though. Convicted child molestor Darrell Gilyard is back in the pulpit, and he wants to preach to your kids.

If you are thinking of attending Mt. Tabernacle Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida, read this article and think again. 

A convicted sex offender can keep on preaching, but children are barred from attending his sermons.

The Florida Times Union reports that lawyers for Darrell Gilyard withdrew a motion to allow minors at sermons conducted by the former Jacksonville, Fla., megachurch pastor.

That's right. Darrell Gilyard, a convicted child molester and registered sex offender, leads Mt. Tabernacle Baptist Church, but cannot preach or be around people under the age of 18. Who in their right mind would attend this church?

Remember. Gilyard is a convicted child molester and has a history of prior sexual misconduct allegations. Attending this church with your children or your wife is a senseless risk. I cannot fathom who would vote to put this man in a pulpit or the insanity of thinking choosing a child molester as your pastor is the right thing to do. What the hell are these Baptists thinking? Gilyard is not "restored." He cannot  and should not be trusted. If he must be a pastor, make him pastor of lawn cutting or pastor of gutter cleaning. Have him work for 20 years doing tasks that afford no opportunity to abuse another woman or child. Then, and only then, look at his life and determine if he is truly "restored." I'm betting the answer is still no. 

The over and under line on the next abuse case is two years. Any takers?

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