Saturday, November 26, 2011

Youth pastor Sammy Nuckolls arrested

I waited before posting this story. It seemed off to me. It looks like I was wrong. Youth pastor and traveling evangelist Sammy Nuckolls was arrested for video voyeurism.

Sammy Nuckolls was first charged in Gosnell, Arkansas. Then he was charged in his hometown of Olive Branch, Mississippi. Thursday, the police department in a second Arkansas town said charges are pending.

Nuckolls was initially charged last week while preaching at a revival at Gosnell Baptist Church. A church member told investigators she was about to take a shower when she spotted the pen camera poking out of a shaving kit Nuckolls had left in the bathroom.

I wonder how the alleged victim felt when she discovered a camera position to watch her take a shower? She trusted Nuckolls enough to bring him into her home. Was it because he was a pastor our preaching the word? I’m sure she’s rethinking the concept of unearned trust. A person is not automatically good because they are a pastor. I’d think Christians would get that by now.

Who can you trust?