Saturday, November 26, 2011

Two new books I won’t read

I hate to say it, but I’m becoming more and more discriminating with my non-fiction reading choices. Two Christian new books will not make the cut.

In God I Trust by Brady Shackelford. The press release states that Shackelford came to Jesus via a mystical experience. I call bullshit.

In the memoir, Shackelford recounts God's message: "Night turned suddenly into day, and ... clouds rolled in from both sides of me at lightning speed. ... a booming voice spoke out from the clouds. It said, '...Things will turn out well for you. However, early in your life, things are going to happen to you that are going to hurt you deeply. Learn from them, and they will turn you into the man that you are going to become.

Source: New Memoir 'In God I Trust.' Relates One Man's Special Experiences with the Divine

I think I can safely write this one off as self-important pap. Shackelford also inhabits the nutball fringe of Libertarianism. That’s the people who simultaneously espouse the libertarian principles while at the same time pushing evangelical Christian themes. Kind of like Ron Paul with his stance on evolution, Roe v. Wade, and his bizarre stance on gay marriage.

The Darwinian Delusion by Michael Ebifegha. By first clue that this book is not worth my time is the title. Anyone who reads The God Delusion and counters with an attack on evolution, did not read the book. The next clue is the re-definition of the terms microevolution and macroevolution.

The author extensively researched the subject matter for this book over the course of three years. In particular, Ebifegha is critical about the use of ambiguous terms such as microevolution and macroevolution and proposes new terminologies that lead to correct interpretation of the scientific evidence…

Source: Darwinism Is a Delusion, According to New Book

Oh hell. This is a clear case of another nutball writing a book. Ebifegha is a self-published nutter paying for his own press releases and pushing an overt and crazy agenda. Read Self-Published Genius #13: Vanity Reviewed! for more hilarious information.

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