Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Review: Bamboozled by Timothy Aldred

I write this with a heavy heart. I hated the pseudointellectual musing of self-published author Timothy Aldred. Is hate too strong a word? I don’t think so, especially not in this case.

Bamboozled. Besieged by Lies, Man Never a Sinner.
How world leaders use religion to control the populace.
By Timothy Aldred.
Self Published in 2011
ISBN-13 987-1461063599
ISBN-12: 1461063590

Let’s start with the author. He’s stalking me. He sent me his book back in May. I read it and found that  I could get not behind it. It took me awhile too. Each chapter was a different trip down the rabbit hole. I had trouble following his reasoning, I often could not even understand the points he attempted to make as he offered no evidence besides his rambling text.

Did I mention stalking? He’s sending me emails and tweets demanding that I “do the right” thing and send his precious book back to him. I normally return books if the author includes a SASE. Otherwise, I read and chuck, or read and post a review. I post reviews  for books by Atheist authors that I feel that I can support, or I post reviews for books by Christians that I want to discuss. In this case, it was read and chuck. I did not want this book cluttering my bookshelf. In the back of my mind I thought, “What if an FBI profiler saw this sitting on my shelf?”

Why would an author demand his book back? I’ve had 44 books and videos sent to me this year. I try hard to read them all. Most are unsolicited. Publishers send them along with collateral advertising material. I’m on a list or something. Most books are bad or worse, uninteresting. I either promote the book (usually at the request of the author or publisher), or I review it if the book is worthy. What sets the bulk of these books apart is editing. Most have a good editor, Bamboozled does not. It’s self-published and from what I can tell, self-edited. This is a problem, especially when the book is a bundle of conspiracy theories rapped in religious misdirection.

I looked hard for other reviews. I found two at Amazon. I could not find any other bloggers willing to spend time on this book. I know why too. The book is not worth the time. Don’t buy it. Don’t read it. It’s a waste of time.

And finally, because the author insists that I return his book. I’ve concluded that he does not know how the process works. If he does not know the process, I’m guessing he’s leans toward the nutball crowd or is un-publishable because he occupies a niche on the fringe. So, I’ve added him to my nutball list. I’m sure he will be in good company.

Is this review mean spirited? Look. I try to help. I really do. If I don’t like a book I don’t review it. I’d prefer not to do the negative reviews. If you push me for one. Screw it. I’ll post a negative review.

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