Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pastor Allen Jeffers arrested

AllenJeffersRape is such an ugly word. Yet, I read about pastors who rape every day. Sometimes their crimes standout from the others. Take the case of Pastor Allen Ray Jeffors. He allegedly picked up a 15-year-old mentally challenged girl in his green Ford Aerostar. Drove her to a secluded area, and then raped her. Did I mention Jeffers is a pastor? Did I mention that he has a prior felony conviction?

Investigators were able to match Jeffers DNA from a sample obtained after his arrest in California. DNA to the rescue. It’s doubtful the authorities would have made an arrest without it.

Jeffers is the pastor at Summit Park Full Gospel Church. I had a few questions for the church, but they refused to comment. Like was a background check was done, and if so, why was a convicted felon leading a church? I’m guessing we will never know.

A friend of Jeffers offered the following:

"Completely shocked," says someone close to Allen Jeffers who wants to remain anonymous. "Not the man of God that I personally know."

Source: W. Tulsa pastor arrested for rape

I cringe when I read comments like this one. It’s like Christians where blinders. They don’t understand that being a pastor does not make one moral. Or, that being a man of God is a human construction. A label we give to pastors that means nothing and in no way is an indicator of good behavior.

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Zarathustra said...

Remove his genitals.... with an AXE!

Anonymous said...

You're exaggerating. You do not read about pastors committing rape every day.

Mojoey said...

Exaggerating? Please... Read the posts on this link. They are just the pastor I post on.

Anonymous said...

Actually, you can read about it everyday. Everyday some pastor somewhere claiming to represent Christ, is assaulting a child,young adult, or a person with damaged mental faculties. It often happens to children in their care, or young men and women who have went to them for counseling.

Don't stick your head in the sand and try to say it isn't real.
I'm a believer, and a survivor . The problem is, the church body doesn't want to recognize it. So they leave the victims in the cold, with no help. Damaged physically, spiritually and emotionally. And the church uses the name of God to hide the sin. That's what is sickening.

Glad the man was arrested!

Anonymous said...

The pastor's DNA was on file due to previous sex crimes:

"I never imagined it at all. I thought he was over it." says Jeffers son, Randy Jeffers.

Randy says he thought all of this was behind his dad. He told Tulsa's Channel 8, his dad was in trouble years ago for sex crimes