Sunday, November 20, 2011

Photo tip - diy camera stabilizer

It’s funny, the things that bring back old memories. They come out of the blue. This video, sent to me by a tipster named Spritegn, reminded me of my very first days with a camera. That was way back in the the mid 70s. My teacher, Mr. Montgomery, taught me to hold a camera steady by taping a pen light to the bottom of lens. I had me keep the light in a circle on the wall about 10 feet away. It would have been easy except for the big piece of glass hanging off the front of the camera. I shook so bad that the circle looked like it was illuminated by a strobe light. To fix my shake, Mr. Montgomery hung a weight off the bottom of the camera. It was exactly like what is shown in the video.

I had not thought about this in years. Mr. Montgomery was an ass. He went on to fail me photography because I would not play football for him. I was not my proudest moment…