Monday, November 21, 2011

Those girls are liars!

TomDanielsIn an all too common defense, pastor Tommy Gene Daniels used the pedophile classic, ‘those girls are liars’ defense in this molestation case. I’m pretty sure he’s screwed.

Urquiza's testimony attacked the heart of the defense case. In his opening statement, Chastaine told jurors the prosecution of his client is largely based on the untruthful testimony of four of the five alleged victims. He suggested in his questioning of the four that they lied about the abuse and that the notion they had been sexually molested had been planted in their heads by another psychotherapist. He directly accused one of the girls of lying in his cross-examination of her.

Read more: Prosecution rests in pastor's sexual molestation trial

Fortunately, a prosecution expert witness testified that the rate of false accusations is someplace around 1%. The case is with the jury now. I’m betting on a conviction.

I profiled Baptist pastor Tommy Daniels back in February. At the time the story was the Daniels molested girls in his home run daycare center and girls in foster care, also at his home. Daniels is the pastor at First Baptist Church of Rio Linda.

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