Sunday, November 20, 2011

Youth pastor John H. Brothers Jr., arrested

JohnBrothersAnother Baptist youth pastor has been arrested for the molesting children. In this case, John H. Brothers Jr;. is charged with first-degree sexual abuse involving allegations that he sexually abused two children from his youth group. He’s being held pending a bail hearing.

His former church, Hyland Baptist, is cooperating with authorities and actually encouraged one victim to file a complaint with the police. Of course, the church website does not mention the case.

There is not much more to go on yet. I’ll refresh the case when I can.

It seems I was mistaken about the attitude of Hyland Baptist. They are focused on ‘moving on’, rather than on cooperating and getting to the root of their failure to protect their own kids.

Church members were brief in talking about the alleged abuse saying how shocking the news is but more importantly they say the church must continue to move forward.  Via Frank Chandler, Deacon Chairman at Hyland Baptist Church.

Source: Henderson Pastor Accused of Sexual Abuse

This response is typical in clergy sex abuse cases. The church is moving on to do the good work of Jesus without realizing that the alleged crimes of their youth pastor are an indictment of the management of their church. In there eyes it is much better to carry on with the public face of the church unblemished by the controversy. We call it, ‘sweeping it under the rug.’

Update 11/21/2011 – Included photo and last two paragraphs.

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Anonymous said...

The church websites will never mention those cases. Here is more info, w/video on the perv:

Anonymous said...

He was indited today by the grand jury.

Anonymous said...

John Brother, have a case in another state too!

Anonymous said...

John Brothers has been arrested and charged with 27 counts in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Check it out at There are also articles in The Newsstar in Monroe, Louisiana - from when he was arrested and extradited to Colorado last week. I know this guy. He is sick!!!

Anonymous said...

is his father the former band director at Riser Middle?

Anonymous said...