Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Photo - what passes for a river

What passes for a river

I shot this HDR black and white photo this morning. It was my self directed photo assignment for the day. Unfortunately, I was hassled by the police for no reason at all, so this photo took a one hour investment instead of the 10 minutes I had budget. I missed another urban ugly shot because the sun had risen too high. I’ll take it early tomorrow.

What matters here (to me anyway), is this shot was on my list. It felt good to finally cross it off. It’s still on my list for a winter sunset photo, and again for a shot standing down in the water in the channel (I’ll figure that out somehow).

Photo Notes: Shot with a Nikon D7300 with a Nikkor 18 to 200mm lens. It’s a handheld three shot bracket. ISO 200. Location: La Mirada near the 5 freeway.

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