Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I get comments

I get lots of comments on my clergy sexual abuse posts which make me scratch my head, but a few just piss me off. Like this one from an anonymous poster on a post about pastor Matthias Anderson.

Anonymous posted at 9:17 pm on 11/22/11

First and Foremost. Many of those who have left some of the most ignorant comments that alleged civilized people can leave,assume nothing! There are people who are wrong and down right evil. The mother and child were in the womans  shelter due to drug and alcohol abuse. We've seen the track marks. We all listened to the stories. We applauded when the certificate of completion from the shelter stating a state of sobriety. We were there when the mother and child were helped so much. We were all there when a line was crossed trying to seduce a husband from a wife. WE ALL KNOW THE TRUTH. For all others know the full story before passing judgement. The mother is wrong, evil, and two faced because she was denied, and put out there.

This anonymous nutball alleges that a spurned and vengeful mother fabricated allegations that pastor Matthias Anderson molested her 12-year-old daughter because she herself was spurned by the pastor. I’ve seen this before; several times in fact. The story goes that an evil woman acting as an agent of Satan tries to subvert the morality of her pastor through the evils of sex. She’s spurned and strikes out with sexual abuse allegations. The pastor is cast out of his church and does prison time for a crime he did not commit. This narrative generates sympathy and support within the church. The problem is that it is a fictionalize narrative. It’s a concoction meant to explain away the abuse by substituting a different version of reality. it’s mean to be confuse and befuddle the idiots who suck at Anderson’s teat.

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