Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Youth pastor Ronnie Powe arrested

RonniePoweJrWhat happens when the police roll up on a youth pastor giving “one-on-one” counseling to a 15-year-old boy behind an abandoned school? They make sure the boy is not being raped, that what happens. In this case they allegedly found youth pastor Ronnie Powe in the act of  molesting a boy.

When police approached the car, Powe Jr. identified himself as a youth minister at the church and said he was talking to one of his troubled students, according to reports.

Officers asked Powe Jr. to step out of the vehicle. When he did, they noticed his pants zipper was down and he could not explain why, the reports stated.

Relax officers, I’m a youth pastor. I’m using my magic wand to deliver a holy blessing. Move along…

Powe’s father, Pastor of United tabernacle Church of God in Christ, had this to say.

"We teach against homosexuality."

Um… you might teach against homosexuality, but your youth pastor son did not get the message. He was not busted for being gay. He was busted for molesting an underage teen. That’s a morality issue and something his Christian faith is supposed guard against. Did your church teach that molesting children is wrong too? Perhaps he missed that sermon?

More to the point. Why is Powe the youth pastor? He has no degree or credentials. Did the church do a background check? Is his position heredity thing? Does one become a youth pastor because one’s daddy is the pastor and therefor no credentials are required? If so, what protections does that offer the children at your church?