Sunday, October 25, 2009

Introducing Startled Disbelief

Startled Disbelief comes to us from up in the cold white north of Canada. Winter is coming (I’m listening to George R.R. Martin, get it?), so I expect Canadian bloggers to start pumping out posts. What else can they do?

In the author’s own words:

I am a Canadian software developer with an irreligiously skeptical bent and a somewhat novel family life. My father is a former practitioner of homeopathy, therapeutic touch, and neuro-linguistic programming, my brother is an often-homeless hippie, and my step-mother is a massage therapist who dabbles in cranio-sacral and aromatherapy, and who employs an acupuncturist at her clinic. When I have my family over for dinner, the first words out of my step-mother's mouth (note that I'm not joking, here) are most frequently directed to my cat: "Come here, Spot, and let me spin your chakras!"

Two introductions to the Atheist Blogroll  in one day! How cool is that?

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