Sunday, October 25, 2009

Introducing Skepticus Maximus

Our newsiest Atheist Blogroll member joins us from Adelaide in South Australia.  The author is kind enough to offer an introduction.

In the author’s own words:

Skepticus Maximus is not a blog for the faint hearted. I do swear a fair bit and I don't pull any punches. I started my blog with intentions of being a civilized, erudite gentleman, but I found I had little to say in that mode. Meanwhile I found myself getting int all manner of heavy debates on other places of the internet, particularly on YouTube. I kept feeling disappointed that with every debate my carefully contemplated polemic efforts were squandered. Maybe my opponent got the point (but even if they did would they admit it?), but meanwhile the same old hoary old straw men kept cropping up on their tired old war horses. How many more times must we debate 'well if you're (or more likely 'your') an atheist where do you get your morals from'? In any case such place as the YouTube comments areas are so transient.

So with my blog languishing and my concern for the transient nature of those internet debates I had already delt with (and certainly from my point of view won), I decided to use these debates as fodder (or copy pasta) for my blog. Some I have added little to no extra commentary and a couple of others I have embellished as the debate is just the starting point that inspires a more detailed monologue. In fact that is the style I am aiming at now, as I have come to realize that it is futile to waste a lot of time debating with idiots on neutral transient turf. Instead I aim to have a few exchanges, tease out of them the fundamentals of their claims, then go to town on that in Skepticus Maximus. Nevertheless, I reserve the right to step into the contemplative mode and write even without the precedent of a some debate I had with a theist elsewhere on the net. I may start doing this I warn you now, incase you get too attached to my debates.

Please join me in welcoming our newiest member.

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