Monday, September 07, 2009

Mormon child molester sentenced

Brett Candelaria used his membership in the Mormon church to find his abuse victims. He used the legitimacy that comes with church membership to establish his identity in a community. Once established, he would select his victims from those who most needed help. In a string of abuse cases going back to the 80s, Candelaria church hopped any time the situation grew tense. He molested young boys, the church did nothing to stop him.

Each told a similar story. How Candelaria befriended their family at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. How he gained the trust of their family. How he wowed them with his collection of pristine Hot Wheels cars, with his Xbox 360 and his PlayStation.

How, after hours of video games, Candelaria proposed a game of "truth or dare" — a game that led to sexual contact. In follow-up interviews, the boys alleged that Candelaria forced them to engage in oral sex with him — and each other — after plying them with alcohol.

The story is a hard read. Candelaria is a monster. He will not see a parole board for 35 years. I’m betting he will die long before then.

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