Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pastor Arrested On Narcotics Charges

crackhead Right about now Pastor Martin Denesse of Grace Harbor Christian Ministries is wishing marijuana were legal... and crack cocaine, and crack pipes, and measuring scales. Oh, did I mention he was arrested with his daughter?

Agents discovered about 4.5 grams of crack cocaine on the pastor when they frisked him. Marshall was then ordered to exit the vehicle. Police said that's when they discovered that she had a crack pipe.

A narcotics K-9 alerted the agents to contraband in the vehicle inside a backpack. Agents recovered the backpack and discovered about 7.5 pounds of marijuana inside of it, along with measuring scales. A second scale was also found in another backpack inside the vehicle.

Pastor Denesse is looking at hard time. Getting busted with a joint of two is one thing, getting busted with seven pounds of weed and scales is another. If I were their connection, I might be a little worried right now. I’m betting Pastor Denesse is looking to cut a deal.